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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • President Obama filled out a men's bracket and a women's bracket with the top four seeds in each to get to the final four.  He puts in as much effort as I do. (And he's already receiving criticism for taking a little time out to do a bracket. Sheesh.)
  • I think Decatur's internet is screwing up again this morning. 
  • Mrs. LL doesn't seem to understand that the front bumper of her car is about three inches off the ground. Yet another incident yesterday which caused me to "whisper yell" at her according to a member of the household. 
  • The Caravan Inn sign on Jacksboro Highway may soon be a thing of the past. When I was a kid, we'd always take that road into Fort Worth, and the sign would always catch my attention. "That must be a really nice hotel," I'd think to myself. It wasn't then. Certainly isn't now.
  • Dumb question: When was 287 from Rhome to Fort Worth built? I remember 114 into Dallas as a kid but don't have any real memory of 287 until I was a teenager. Might just be my faulty brain. 
  • Rick Perry apparently agreed to reach into the Rainy Day Fund and take about three billion out of it to balance the budget. But it looks like this doesn't change the school funding crisis one single bit. (I think the money is going to be used to cover the shortfall before the budget for the next two years even kicks in.)
  • A teenage girl's song has 8.7 million hits on youtube. It's an earworm. Edit: I finally listened to it. I dare you. Friday! Friday! Friday!
  • Completely under the radar: Protesters in Bahrain are knocked back by Saudi troops which have entered the country. Saudi troops? Yep. If it weren't for the Japanese earthquake, this might be the lead story. Edit: Wow. Shocking video released this morning. 
  • Three or four helicopters landed at the Decatur Hospital last night. Was it a drill?
  • I don't condone violence, but the viral video this week of a bully receiving a beat down almost made me condone violence. (Warning: Youtube wouldn't even keep it up.)
  • Dumb service advertised on WBAP: Have weather alerts sent to your cell phone for $2 a month. 
  • The Texas Senate agreed to allow employees to have guns in their cars at the work place. You think those folks in the northeast, where guns are like leprosy, are shaking their collective heads?
  • The story behind the headline in the paper below is weird. I just hope that DA's office in Denton doesn't indict someone over it.