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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • A car hit a cow this morning on 287 just south of the Saginaw cutoff. Hitting a cow at any time is not good. Hitting a cow on a freeway is triple not good. 
  • And another.
  • The "monster truck" involved in the strip club parking lot death was ridiculous. 
  • And the media is bending over backwards to make sure we all know the victim did not work at the strip club. But we all know that nothing good comes from being in a strip club parking lot at 2:00 a.m. on a Thursday morning. On a Saturday morning maybe. But not on a Thursday. 
  • Posting will be slow today since I'm engaged in "family time." I suggested the Dallas Arboretum and got royally poo poo'd. 
  • Beat down: Having a piece of ice fall to the floor out of the freezer and not immediately being able to spot it. That's something you've got to track down. 
  • TCU's baseball team started the season #1 in the nation and then promptly lost 5 of its first 15 games.
  • I finally got around to putting the broken down Family Truckster on Craig's List. You know what happens when you are honest and tell people that it is not drivable and then price it ridiculously low? You get money thrown at you hand over fist, that's what. It sold within 24 hours to a couple of guys that showed up with a trailer to haul it away. 
  • They weren't particularly interested in me giving them the title. They are probably going to use it in some bank robbery today.
  • Mohammed Reza was convicted of a sexual offense in Wise County in 2009 and sentenced to 15 years. His conviction was affirmed by the Fort Worth Court of Appeals late yesterday. (And I would link to the Messenger story back when he was convicted but I can't because their redesign has jacked up all their archives.)
  • President Obama announces his picks for the womens's NCAA Tournament today. Prediction: He chooses Baylor and specifically mentions Britney Griner. Edit: I'm done with him! He picked UConn to beat Baylor in the finals.
  • And, yeah, he'll be criticized for not taking action in the Middle East where unrest, especially in Libya, continues. But for once, I'm glad the U.S. isn't sticking its nose in everyone else's business. 
  • Channel surfing last night and came across a Ranger's exhibition/preseason game. I lasted 10 seconds before boredom set in. 
  • NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell isn't an independent advocate for the league -- he's an agent of the owners who pay him a shocking $10 million a year. (And his publicity stunt of cutting his salary to $1 during the lockout only highlights this fact.)
  • Channel 8 weather gal Coleen Coyle is pretty cute. I'm not sure how I've missed her. 
  • The Liberally Lean Tourney ended up with right at 200 entries. After day one, five of you got 14 of 16 picks correct. Standings.
  • I'm pretty sure Decatur lawyer Mark "The Decatur Hammer" Howell and I will provide a gift card to the winner.  How's that for commitment?
  • South by Southwest even makes the cover of a hip New York newspaper.