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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Mrs. LL got an early birthday present and went to see Lady Gaga in Dallas last night. That sounded like a scene (although I admit I didn't hear much about it because I went to be when she finally got home.) Uh, did I see face paint on the bathroom counter?
  • One final Gaga thing: No one tours harder than that crazy lady. Scan down to the bottom of this Wikipedia page to see where she's been on the incredibly long The Monster Ball tour.
  • Odd story on Fox 4's web site: "Snake Dies Of Silicone Poisoning After Biting Models Fake Breast" (with video).
  • I don't have all the details, but the War With The Neighbor Kids might have escalated yesterday. Let's just say it involves outside nakedness. Good grief. 
  • I've mentioned how much I like the writing of Skip Hollandsworth of Texas Monthly. (His Still Life article may be one the greatest things I've ever read.) Rumor has it that next month he has a story that is a guaranteed tear jerker.
  • And the magazine needs to put Hollandsworth on the story of the guy that kidnapped the lady from Perrin, burned her house down, and then held her for 12 days.  (He is suspected in the deaths of at least two other women but the news story is so horribly written its hard to follow.)
  • Speaking of confusing, are the leaking nuclear reactors in Japan no big deal or a potential catastrophe of biblical proportions? It depends on who you listen to, but the news this morning sounds frightening. (Ann Curry might want to get out of there after all.)
  • An expert was on WBAP this morning to talk about it, and Hal Jay asked him, "If Comanche Peak has a meltdown, would we have to worry about it up here in Fort Worth?" 
  • I had never heard of the word Tsunami before the big one that hit about five or so years ago. Did they used to be called simply tidal waves?
  • Do we really want Justices of the Peace deciding when cops can stick a needle in your arm to draw blood? According to the Update, a representative of Wise County is in Austin today to try and accomplish just that. 
  • “I was talking to my Japanese real estate agent. I said ‘is there a school in this area.’ She said ‘not now, but just wait.’” That Tweet got Gilbert Gottfried fired as the voice of the Aflac Duck. (Which causes me to ask: He was the voice of the Aflac Duck?)
  • Reminder that the Liberally Lean Tournament Pick 'Em online competition is here.  (Despite some weird games today and tomorrow, the deadline is before the first game Thursday.) And it looks like we might have some pretty good prizes after all. (If any merchant wants to throw out a $100 or $50 gift certificate, let me know.)
  • We picked up about 50 entries in the Tournament yesterday, and last year we eventually cracked 200. So get after it.