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Lady Gaga Fans From Last Night

More. (Dallas Observer)

It's like an episode of Glee exploded onto the streets.

Edit: Oh, and here's 170 more. (Star-Telegram's sister publication)


Anonymous said...

Hey Gaaaaaaags:
Alice Cooper called...he wants his forty year old shtick back

Anonymous said...

We're all DOOMED.

Anonymous said...

Is there a Banjo in her band?

Anonymous said...

"Lady Gaga fans" When I see that statement I automatically assume a group of people who are just as retarded as the performer.

Jack Daniels said...

What a bunch of pathetic loosers.
(By the way, which one was your bride?)

Stay gay my friend.

aroundthecorner said...

I sure wished Lady Ga Ga liked old, fat, bald rednecks as much as we like her!

Anonymous said...

"Lady GaGa" = epitome of idiocracy

Anonymous said...

Looks like a Mary Kay gathering on acid.

Was Fiona in photo 81 of 170? If not, someone is copying her pose.

Barry, was that you in the audience in photo 26? Couldn't tell through the face paint. Good look, man.

My Other Brother Darryl