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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • "Pilates" and "Pirates" should rhyme.
  • Today Samsung releases a computer that is lighter than the Macbook Air. But, in a twist, it is more expensive.
  • A traffic control light will installed on 380 and Business 380 by the Sheriff's Office? 
  • Political junkies: I love Congressman Anthony Weiner (D - New York) who goes on Sean Hannity and just beats him senseless.
  • When the news came out about the crazy guy that abducted the Perrin lady and burned her house down, I thought about a possible connection to the missing Perrin teen mom from last summer who I've written about. And although that's a stretch, law enforcement now want to talk to him about it.
  • Saw a shot of a helicopter trying to dump water on one of the nuclear reactors in Japan. That looked like a very futile act.
  • I think Mrs. LL is about to kill the family cat. Whoever out there told me that that type of cat would be a holy terror, you were absolutely right. 
  • And the other night she was in the kitchen just fixated on one location on the ceiling. Wasn't there a scene like that in Poltergeist or some other horror movie (except it involved a dog)?
  • Twitpic of Greg "The Hammer" Williams asleep this morning in a hotel in Surprise, Arizona. As the caption says, "Crime scene?"
  • If you haven't seen the baby who is both scared and entertained by his mother blowing her nose (I know, weird), you have to see it. One of the cutest things you'll ever watch.
  • Hip Hop guy Nate Dogg died yesterday, and I felt out of the loop because I had no idea who he was. Then I felt at least 1% of hipness when I discovered I knew the song Regulate that he was featured in. 
  • Those Lake Highland parents who are getting fined by their homeowner's association for their noisy toddler seem to really like the attention. 
  • During the last NFL work stoppage in the 1980s, I was 100% behind the owners. This time around, I'm in the players' corner.  Edit: And the next person that says "millionaires fighting billionaires" gets tased. 
  • Idea for a cartoon I had last night: A swimming and talking breaded fishstick.
  • 23 year old stripper from Granbury killed by monster truck in club parking lot in Dallas. If this is her Facebook page (name, age, and high school match up), the slogan of "I'm the master of my fate" was woefully untrue. Edit: A commentor points out that the story doesn't identify her as a stripper and just states she was in the parking lot. Duly noted. (And Fox 4 has some pictures.) Edit #2: Fox 4 reports her friends and family members say she not employed by the club.