Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was announced as Time's Person of the Year this morning. Here is the list of past winners. Here's the frightening Zuckerberg cover that was just released.
  • In 2006 the winner of Time's award was "You" as social media began to blossom. We all laughed at the time, but Facebook and Twitter are revolutionary. I learn of more breaking news from Twitter than any other source. 
  • One final note on the Time announcement (that you probably don't care about): Zuckerberg, 26, is the youngest person ever named other than Charles Lindbergh. 
  • I attended a middle school Christmas band concert last night. Not saying a word. 
  • The Family Unit does not understand my objection to a turtle as a pet. It's really not worth watching, it doesn't really move (even when the last one was alive), you feed the thing and it might get to the food in the next two hours, and it obviously shows no emotions. Why do we have to have one? 
  • And the oldest girl was obsessed with where we put the turtle's body after telling her of its death. I told her she's been watching way too much vampire stuff.
  • Baylor's men's and women's basketball teams are both in the Top 10 (with the Lady Bears thrashing #9 Tennessee last night.) 
  • The Ticket boys were lauding this morning the practice of Dallas Police in creating decoy cars with Christmas gifts plainly visible so as to videotape, track, and arrest those who burglarize those cars.  I think it's dumb to facilitate new fake crime when there's enough of the real stuff going on. 
  • Noticed the obituary announcement of Josh Wood, the son of car dealer James Wood, in the Update this morning.
  • I'm absolutely insane now: Jerry Falwell's conservative Liberty University has an a capella group that sang the Antoine Dodson inspired "Bedroom Intruder Song" live on stage at a Christmas pageant. But I've got to admit, it was fantastic. (But notice how the edit out "rapin'".)
  • I've always thought the Seinfeld episode of "Festivus" was stupid. 
  • Mrs. LL never goes into funks. She'll normally laugh out loud about something within five minutes of waking up. 
  • At the American Airline Center this weekend, there's a doubleheader basketball game with A&M v. Arkansas and Baylor v. Gonzaga. They must be struggling to sell tickets because it's being advertised everywhere. (And I think I know why because the tickets are a bit pricey for a run of the mill and meaningless regular season game.) 
  • A bandit walked into the Las Vegas Bellagio and stole $1.5 million in chips from a craps table and then fled on a motorcycle. But since they have to be redeemed, I wonder if they have any system in place to prevent that from happening. 
  • Universal complaint of criminal defense lawyers: When the prosecutor goes on a moral rant during plea negotiations. Hey, we didn't commit the crime.
  • Almost every New York tabloid has a "Serial Killer" headline this morning. I don't recall hearing anything about that.