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1981: An Aggie And His Sword

This is a clip from Pony Excess which showed a few seconds of old footage from an event that made big news back in the day. SMU cheerleaders ran onto the field at the Aggie's Kyle Field during an SMU/A&M game which is apparently a big no-no.  One of the Aggie cadets took such umbrage at the action that he pulled his sword on a cheerleader.

And a legend was made.


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Anonymous said...

Great, Aggie spare put on his a__ by a cheerleader.

Anonymous said...

I was at the game and it was as silly in person as it looks on TV. If I remember correctly he tried to keep them from the field and one of them tried to push him over as another one sneaked behind him on all fours. Pretty three stooges like stuff. The CT then pulled his saber as the clip shows. Next, Billy Cannon Jr came over and pushed the CT off the field.

I think the ct was suspended from the school for a semester and kicked out of the corp, which is a huge punishment in the Aggie Corp world for the action.

The same type stuff went on between non corp Aggies and corp members at quite a few midnight yell practices during those year. Some drunk nonreg would run on the field and get chased down by a few CTs.

Fun stuff.

Football guru

Anonymous said...

The Aggie should have used the sword.

Anonymous said...

I have a Lance in my pants and sometimes I just wanna get up and dance.

Anonymous said...

Notice how the cop runs straight to the cheerleader and grabs HIM, not the nut job swinging the sword.

Anonymous said...

Live by the sword, die by the sword.

Anonymous said...

Tom bishop was an ag.

Anonymous said...

if your a sports fan, the 30 for 30series is awesome. definitely worth watching.

Anonymous said...

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