Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • One thing about Lady GaGa, who broke into the Top Ten Highest Grossing Concert Tours this year, she is willing to work. Her tour played 122 dates which far and away leads everyone else.
  • I attended a middle school cross country meet recently - a first for me.  I found myself shouting words of encouragement to those at the back of the pack who were struggling to finish .
  • Also recently  found myself caught up in the highway 114 area north of the airport. Traffic in that area is now beyond ridiculous. How do people do that everyday?
  • That Florida school board shooting video was all over the news yesterday and might be one of the creepiest things I've ever seen. But I still watch it ever time it comes on. 
  • I'm  a sucker for year end Top Ten Lists.
  • Remember when ATM's were called "MPact" (sp?) machines and Decatur's first Internet provider was Webfire? 
  • The Tea Party had a float in the Grapevine Christmas parade that irked some people. I guess that's OK, but I suspect a Tea Party member wouldn't want to see an Obama Float, an Immigration Reform Float, or an Islamic Alternative Float. 
  • I've actually enjoyed Christmas this year. But I wonder if my traditional post-Christmas depression will be worse? 
  • Larry King does his last show on CNN tonight, but I don't think a soul is noticing.  He gets a lot of criticism but I've always thought he was a great interviewer because he listened to the answer and followed-up. 
  • A P Diddy (or whatever his name is) model's hair caught fire as she sat in a bathtub while he was promoting something on U-Stream. (Short video. Language warning.) 
  • If I'm not rubbing the Family Pup's belly, she has no use for me. 
  • Hey, long time Aggie fans, you'll get a kick out of these old pics of former coach R.C. Slocumb.
  • A site that collects crazy comments posted to FoxNews.com.  I wish they would come here. 
  • Maybe the best sports photo of the year was taken on accident.