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Turkey Trot Preview

It's 5:15 and 72 degrees in Dallas right now.  Mr. Weatherman tells me the front is just nearing Denton with an expected arrival time in the metroplex around 7:00.

The race begins at 9:00. Oh, my.

Edit: Success. I finished the 8 mile course just a tad bit slower than last year but feeling really, really good.  The weather really wasn't that bad although Mile 6 over the Trinity River Viaduct was not exactly ideal conditions.

And I'm not sure what App that is that shows the temperatures in green -- I stole the image from Bud Kennedy's Facebook page. For some reason he was up before 6:00 on Thanksgiving morn.


sherri said...

trot quickly! that looks pretty darned cold!

we are in austin and patiently waiting for the cold air...albeit, indoors....

happy t-day

Anonymous said...

The cold front hit my deck in Keller @ 5:43 this morning.

Happy Thanksgiving to the LL family!

Anonymous said...

which weather app is that?

Anonymous said...

what app/site is that? looks great for this time of year.

Anonymous said...

Web site --