I'm Calling The Messenger Out On This One

Some company sets up shop in a local Decatur hotel (dicey proposition?) and offers to pay cash for your rare coins (dicey proposition again?) Ok, they may be legitimate. Who knows. But they were also willing to spend big bucks for a two page ad in the Messenger in today's edition. I don't blame the Messenger for printing it. If they wanted to throw money at me, I'd give them a banner ad if the price was right. (Psst. Call me.)

But what I wouldn't do is promote the company as legitimate news in the "Business Section" of the paper which conveniently followed their two page paid ad. There was not one critical or cautious thing said about the process, and it even referenced how one of the customers came in after seeing the ad in the Messenger. I've been a supporter of "the local paper" for years but, journalistically, you simply can't do that.