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As I Await An MIA Geek Squad Team To Install A TV

College football edition.

Rah, Rah, TCU.


TCU probably needed two things to happen to make it to the National Championship Game: There needed/needs to be a two losses from the threesome of Oregon, Auburn, and Boise State.  The day game yesterday included Alabama jumping up to a 24-0 lead over Auburn which only led to a dramatic comeback in the second half by Auburn for the win. Bad for TCU.  And then in the nightcapper (where I've just seen the highlights of a kicker that will be haunted for the rest of his life), Boise State loses to Nevada in a crazy game. Good for TCU.

That leaves TCU at #3 with Oregon playing Oregon State next week and Auburn facing South Carolina in the SEC Championship game.

So close. Is Jarhead still drunk?

And this is why I've never been a big proponent for a playoff in college football. Every week is a playoff game.

Now where's the Geek Squad? I'm trying to take the misses to Abilene (her alma mater) v. Southlake at the Death Star.


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Anonymous said...

Jarhead is not drunk. Just a natural Jerk Off.

Anonymous said...

Barry, a real man with a phillips screwdriver, a pair of pliers, and a piece of bailing wire could connect any electronic device. And duct tape if it is HD 1080p.

My Other Brother Darryl

Jarhead said...
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Anonymous said...

Go Frogs!

RPM said...

No offense to Darryl, but if you want 1080p you have to use Gorilla Tape. Duct Tape isn't HD compliant.


Anonymous said...

"Every week is a playoff" in which an undefeated and very strong team like TCU never gets the chance to win a championship on the field. I prefer playoffs determined by the actual games.

Anonymous said...

Is there an invisible man holding up one of the cheerleaders?