Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Man, we're are about to have one strange 24 hour weather period. 83 degrees today followed by a high in the 40s tomorrow.
  • I've already seen the obligatory news guy broadcasting from DFW Airport because of the mislabeled "busiest travel day of the year."
  • And in two days I'll see the obligatory news guy broadcasting from a local mall because of the mislabeled "busiest shopping day of the year."
  • Had three Seventh Graders in the house for a sleepover last night. Last time I checked they were dressing up and going from room to room shooting scenes for "their new movie."
  • The "angels of justice" are being removed from one Tarrant County courthouse so they can be moved to a new one. I've practiced law for almost 25 years and not once have I have ever heard about those figures. (Maybe because they seem to rarely make a meaningful appearance in real life.)
  • I'll sit down to watch Auburn v. Alabama on Friday with more anticipation than I will for any NFL game. (And the same can be said about UT/A&M and OU/OSU).
  • Funny local fantasy football bit for those that play: Our buddy Thomas up at the courthouse lost this week by less than one point. And get this: His kicker came in with 0: No extra points and no field goals.
  • Motorcycle death of Springtown woman in Palo Pinto County.
  • I ran to the grocery store last night to pick up junk for the house full of girls (chicken wings and pizza? Really?)  Did you know lots of people go to the grocery store before Thanksgiving? Beat. Down.
  • Strangest image ever captured in Germany by Google Streetview. That'll be me going crazy because of my cat before all is said and done. 
  • Man, there are some some beautiful Fall trees out there right now. 
  • Josh Hamilton, who won American League MVP yesterday, sounds like his brain is fried from all those drug years.
  • If I were flying today, I'd hope everyone took part in the "opt out" protest so I could speed right through the full body scan.  How this has become so newsworthy is beyond me. 
  • During my jog yesterday, I saw the cutest little girl on a small bridge holding the cutest little fishing pole. She was being watched over by grandma who was holding a cigarette and a Coors light. 
  • Baylor's female basketball player Britney Griner is a beast. Last night, barely into her sophomore year, she set the school's career  block record while scoring 27 points (and she only played one half). And while waiting on Mrs. LL in the doctor's office yesterday, I saw where Sports Illustrated picked the Lady Bears to win the whole thing. I'll take small joys where I can get them. 
  • My continued personal war against Mike Huckabee continues. He just ended his radio show with the following after announcing that the date for the Royal Wedding at Westminster Abby had been set: "And if you wonder how they could have booked such a fabulous location on such short notice, well, [insert pause] I hear they know somebody." Then he signed off like he just fired off the zinger of the century.
  • Edit: Oh, yeah - "And Another."