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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • You guys start hasslin' me about the Random Thought Girl Of The Day? Well, I shall retaliate.
  • But, you know, I kind of like this gal in a way that makes me question every shallow part of my soul.
  • I have always thought the The Ballpark in Arlington should have simply been called "The Diamond."
  • Speaking of, whatever happened to Ameriquest? Sub-prime lending would be my guess.
  • Speaking of, how can they possibly not have found some company that will pay a fair price for the naming rights?
  • Bad Robot
  • Two days ago, a single engine Cessna was stolen in Canada, intercepted and followed by two F-16s, and then landed in Missouri. Dumb question: How slow can an F-16 fly so that it can follow a single engine aircraft?
  • There's a growing sentiment in this country to subject prosecutors who withhold evidence to civil or criminal penalties. I have no problem with that. If your sense of right and wrong, as a prosecutor, can't guide you down the obvious path then you need to be sanctioned. Hard.
  • Cursebird: A website that tracks every curse word in every Tweet on Twitter in real time. (Warning: Language, obviously.) And you can also check to see whether a particular user on Twitter has ever been guilty of The Potty Mouth. In that area, I'm sin free.
  • Obama about the Iraqis yesterday: "They need to take responsibility for their country." Amen, bruther.
  • AnObiter went nuts yesterday and got freaky hair. And she posted a pic.
  • I heard sports guy Chuck Cooperstein once say that you know Spring has arrived when The Masters is being played. Yep.
  • I have the oddest memory of a female partner in my first law firm job say, as she gazed off to the side with the biggest smile, "I just love Tony" upon learning something controversial that Dallas Cowboy Tony Dorsett had said. We were in the elevator in the Republic Bank building in downtown Dallas. It just seemed so weird for her to refer to Dorsett by his first name, and I have no idea why I can't get that memory out of my head.
  • There's a mass shooting every week: Yesterday five ended up dead in Alabama. Truly, this happens so often that it just gets buried in the news.
  • WBAP's Amy Chodroff this morning referred to Flo Rida, who is appearing on American Idol tonight, as a "her."
  • A headline that will wake you up this morning: "Texas judge allows collection of dead son's sperm."