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Former WFAA-TV reporter Matt Quinn and his wife Cathy perished Thursday when fire swept through their property in rural Montague County, according to a family member. Cathy's son, Chris, suffered burns and was being treated Friday at the Parkland Memorial Hospital burn unit in Dallas. Hospital officials said he is in fair condition. Matt Quinn began his duties at WFAA in 1980 after working for ABC News. He presented a regular feature segment called "Matt Quinn's Chronicles." Former Dallas Morning News TV critic Ed Bark called him a "thoughtful reporter of mood pieces" in a 1988 article.


Anonymous said...

This is from the State EOC Conference call, I had to delete contact info


Three fatalities related, either directly or indirectly, to the fire thus far.


10,000 square miles impacting over 394,000 Texans will dealing with a tornado four counties away from the fire impacted area.


Need to get situational awareness and gather information on unmet needs.


Two communites devasted last night, Sunset and Stoneberg


Thanks to the responders from the DFW area.  Support was overwhelming with 43 fire departments responding in less than three hours.  During the night there was a tremendous response to the area from the DFW fire departments.  Thanks so much for your excellent work.


NWS update as it relates to wildfires only:


Today's conditions are much less critical then they were yesterday.  Smoke plumes are still visible on radar.  No ongoing fire advisories or weather watches right now.  One small area of very high risk by San Antonio.  Composite map shows elevated fire danger today.  Humidities are less than 20% with winds gusting to 25 mph.  Relative humidity should be 50% or greater across the entire state.  Large part of the state will have relative humidity tomorrow greater than 40%.  Sunday system will organize and winds will increase in the Davis Mountain area.  Monday's storm system should bring lower winds with moist air on the Eastern half of the state.


Montague County Judge Winn and RLO Becky Pursur.  Still have fires active near Saint Jo with some hot spots.  Seven occupied homes destroyed in Sunset with more damaged.  Assessment will occur this afternoon.  No evacuees in shelters at this time.  Bowie Command Post has two fire units surveying Bowie area to determine level of destruction.  Thanks to Dallas, Ellis and Tarrant Counties for their assistance.  Fire departments are exhausted at this point and better weather would help the situation.  Stoneberg area has two confirmed fatalities at this time.  VOAD assistance may be needed in the Stonberg and Bowie areas. 


Clay County Judge Kenneth Liggett - Three separate major fires.  West Arrowhead fire has 18 destroyed homes and multiple outbuilding and maybe more.  Belleview fire rekindled.  Two unoccupied structures lost and no sheltering is needed.  Major concern is the Belleview fire and another fire just broke out.  Requesting ARC for assessments.  No major injuries but a few minor injuries caused by burns.  Heavy timber and alot of smoke in the Belleview Fire. 


Archer - Judge Bessiger  One home destroyed that they know of.  They did shelter some individuals but those folks have now relocated somewhere else.  No unmet needs at this time.


Wichita - Electra West fire lost one major business causing 100 employees to lose their jobs.  Many barns lost.  One mobile home burned.  Nursing homes were evacuated.  Ten fires with seven designated as substantial.  No unmet needs at this time.


Jack - Five fires and three are still concerns.  One fire burned estimated 15,000 acres.  One fire 20,000 acres and ten homes lost with 44 threatened.  Assessments are occuring today.  TFS dozers have been ordered but order has not been filled.  ARC was called and brought in cots for first responders.  Shelter was was opened but was not utilized.  Cement Mountain fire is in very rough country.  Robert's Branch fire will be a direct threat to the City of Jacksboro if it continues to burn in the direction it's headed.  No known injuries and one possible indirect death related to the fire.


Palo Pinto - West side of Possum Kingdom lake had 14 structures destroyed most of which are secondary residences.  700 acres burned.  100 homes threatened.  Fire is 90% contained with no unmet or sheltering needs at this time.


Parker - Judge Riley, no unmet needs at this time.  Two outbuildings lost.


Young - Mountain Complex fire plus 13 more.  Seven homes lost.  37 unoccupied structures destroyed.  127 homes evacuated and approximately 13,000 acres burned.  One fire is about 60% contained.  Need more personnel and equipment to assist with 13,000 acres that are burning and they only have one truck and guys who have been working on it for 60+ hours.


Stephens - Convenience Store fire burned over 3,500 acres.  No losses or injuries are known.  Resources are there and are being relocated to Eastland County Fire.  No unmet needs at this time.


Eastland -  Judge Fields.  Evacuations did occur but shelter was not used.  No POD needed at this time.  7,500 acres burned and fire is 60% contained at this time.  No homes or buildings lost.  Unmet need is requesting Gov Perry to resubmit letter to President requesting declaration.  One firefighter injured with hip injury should be released from hosp this morning.  Fire is in ranch land and inaccessible canyons.  Appreciate dozers from TFS and could use air assets.  Homes on SH 112 could be in immediate path of new fire if wind changes.  Cedar Mountain fire broke into two fires and is being fought with two sectors.  Seven or eight homes have been evacuated at this point. 


Gov will declare and add necessary counties to the current proclamation.  No need to worry about this at this time. 

Anonymous said...

10,000 square miles burned? ALL of Wise County is maybe 900 square miles.

Anonymous said...

Thank you 11:52 for that informative update! I sure feel for those folks who have lost homes. God be with those firefighters who have fought exhaustivly against the fires.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone figured out how two adults failed to leave their house during vast fires during the daytime? Something doesn't sound right.

Anonymous said...

They were fixing to leave and got caught in a "Firestorm".

The intense heat of a firestorm manifests largely as radiated heat (infrared radiation) which ignites flammable material at a distance ahead of the fire itself.

Unattainable said...

When you go to this website, you can see what he looked like....