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Things I Learned While Reading The Dallas Morning News At Lunch

  • A Dallas pro golfer named Chad Campbell flew all the way to Hawaii to play in the Sony Open only to realize he forgot to sign up for it.
  • Baseball player Andruw Jones was released by the Dodgers halfway through a $36 million contract. I'm pretty sure they still have to pay him.
  • Columnist Jean Jacques Taylor is lucky to even have a job.
  • Yahooty: The White Rock Marathon is unveiling a Half Marathon race for March 15th!!
  • No team has ever played a Super Bowl in their home stadium. This could happen if Arizona wins over Philadelphia. Edit: I screwed that up. The actual sentence concerned a very boring trivial fact: ". . . . they would become the second team to play in a Super Bowl the year after hosting the game."
Section A
  • The Taliban claims to have shot down an Afghan helicopter killing 12 soldiers. Afghanistan says it was due to poor weather.
  • There are huge ads to buy your gold and jewelry.
  • Trammel Crow, who died yesterday, was the fifth of eight children and grew up in a one bedroom house in Dallas.
  • The water in the Hudson River was estimated to be 36 degrees (and there's a great photo of the plane with passengers standing on the wings.)
  • Nothing
  • Victory Plaza is getting two new restaurants and one new bar. They won't be as hotty totty as their predecessors.
  • Everyone likes the Windows 7 beta (after I just bought a new laptop with Vista on it.)
  • The Friday tech advisor column, which is normally pretty good, made my eyes glaze over with a column about something called "Xtreme Tech XLink Bluetooth Gateway." (I have no idea.)
  • Intel's profit dropped 90%. It's shares went up. (I have no idea.)
  • 30 year mortgage rates fall to 4.96% - the lowest since April 1971 (when Freddie Mac started tracking the data.)
  • Didn't get around to it but there's a picture of a big black man in a pinstrip suit looking pretty mean on the front page.


Enormo said...

I thought the super bowl was in tampa this year.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Barry but last years Superbowl was played in Arizona. This year it will be played in Tampa Bay.

Anonymous said...

Don't feel too sorry for Chad Campbell, BuBear. He is 36th on the all-time career money list with $16,585,604 in career earnings, at the age of 34(He'll be 35 in May).

Yes, Bubear, that's $16 MILLION, before he turns 35 years old.

I met him at Grapefest in Grapevine a couple years ago when his wife Amy Leopard was performing there with her band on the main stage. Nice guy. He grew up out in Andrews, TX.

Double Fake Tin Cup

Anonymous said...

Tech Tip Of The Day:

Windows 7 starts up faster because it does not pre-load
half of Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office during start-up,
but really wastes your time later. For work, it is even slower
than Vista.

Unless you are a desperately bored experimenter, stay away
from it. Unless you have a Quad processor machine with
4 GB of RAM, Windows 7 probably won't run on it anyway.

If you want a faster machine without spending money,
save your data to a DVD, format it with XP, install the
SP3 blocker and update it from 2000 to 2009,
and refrain from installing utilities that claim they would
make your machine run better. It will be as fast as it was
the day you bought it.

Have a safe and fun weekend,

Raymond said...

I really LIKE Windows7, but I had to find the driver for my lan device on my own!

Anonymous said...

On December 21 2012 you might want to check the Obituaries.

Anonymous said...

Barack Green, Leave the sports reporting up to Jean Jacques Taylor.

AnObiter said...

Did the article mention that Trammell Crow is survived by his wife of 66 years?? Hell, I think that's notable "x's a krillion."

Is the Extreme Bluetooth the new one that responds to voice commands? If so, a couple of friends have them...they look like Star Trekkies talking to themselves.

Um, and since you, uh, like to throw the occasional "high tone" curveball my way, I'll be the one to correct you: it's "hoity-toity," not hotty totty. Too much boobies and "Hey, now" testosterone spilling over into your verbage....;)

Raymond said...

"Chris MN 1:56 PM" has REALLY BAD ADVICE!
Go with Windows7, it really rocks!

Anonymous said...

2:28 said Barack Green. That's funny right there. I don't care who you are.

Gorilla said...

Barry, you ought to trade in your Mr. T starter kit and get some quick cash.

Anonymous said...

About a third of all super bowls have been played in New Orleans (perennial also rans) or a stadium that was not a home team for an NFL team (Rose Bowl, etc.), which cuts down the odds a bit of a team playing a SB at home. However, twice a team has played a super bowl in its home region, basically a home game. LA Rams played one in Pasadena, and 49ers played one in Stanford.

ghetto fabulous said...

BG, the big black man in a pin stripe suit is Notorious B.I.G, the rapper who was shot a while ago and no one knows who shot him still. Anyways, his new movie comes out today.

"biggie biggie biggie cant you see? sometimes your words just hypnotize me and i just love your flashy ways, guess its why they broke and youre so paid."

Anonymous said...

hotty totty is a term for perverts;
hoity-toity is the term you were wanting to use.

Anonymous said...

I blame Obama

Anonymous said...

considering some of the pictures he posts, perhaps he meant hotty totty after all, 3:20.

Anonymous said...

The pilot of the plane that splash landed said he ran into birds. Yet I'll bet we will spend millions investigating what happened that made the engines shred apart. Can we not just take this guy's word for it? OK, maybe we find a few feathers and some bird parts up in the fragments just to be sure. But even then we'll spend another few million in order to be exactly sure what type of bird and where they came from in order to study environmental policies and bird mitigation principles. Heck, maybe even a czar and an entire new federal bureau. With a big budget. And educational videos. And lawyers so that the new "stop all airplanes and save a duck" associations will have someone to sue. That's how our government works. Too bad we don't have leaders who just say, "hey, plane hit some birds I guess" and just chalk it up to the one in a million type of deal that it is.

Anonymous said...

Chris, I am an Apple fanboy. I dislike to admit I have a computer running Windows. But even I know you are full of it. SuperFetch runs in Windows 7 just like Vista. And I have the beta running on an Asus 1000H, which is just a Intel Atom 1.6GHz with 2GB of RAM. It runs in everyway better than Vista SP1.

No Macbook, Barron? For shame.

Anonymous said...

"Columnist Jean Jacques Taylor is lucky to even have a job."

It's called 'affirmative action' not 'luck'.

But, you are correct, the guy is incompetent.

Anonymous said...

Spare us, please! If we want to know what was in the Dallas Morning News, we'd buy a paper. Get it?

Anonymous said...

Barry Thank you for sharing the Dallas Morning news with us. Love your blog & all the participates

Anonymous said...

Oh no.....tell me it ain't so....sweet old Raymond biatch-slapped Chris from MN!

Hi Raymond - good to see you again.

P.S. I sold a bunch of white box computers the last two years because I could install OEM XP Pro on 'em.....then Dell caught on with the Vostro, and now the XP Downgrade crap.....I'm putting in a big garden this spring, in case it all goes to hell in a hand basket, thanks to George W. Bush's two terms. Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

Once you go Mac, you never go back!