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Things I Learned While Reading The Dallas Morning News At Lunch

  • A Dallas pro golfer named Chad Campbell flew all the way to Hawaii to play in the Sony Open only to realize he forgot to sign up for it.
  • Baseball player Andruw Jones was released by the Dodgers halfway through a $36 million contract. I'm pretty sure they still have to pay him.
  • Columnist Jean Jacques Taylor is lucky to even have a job.
  • Yahooty: The White Rock Marathon is unveiling a Half Marathon race for March 15th!!
  • No team has ever played a Super Bowl in their home stadium. This could happen if Arizona wins over Philadelphia. Edit: I screwed that up. The actual sentence concerned a very boring trivial fact: ". . . . they would become the second team to play in a Super Bowl the year after hosting the game."
Section A
  • The Taliban claims to have shot down an Afghan helicopter killing 12 soldiers. Afghanistan says it was due to poor weather.
  • There are huge ads to buy your gold and jewelry.
  • Trammel Crow, who died yesterday, was the fifth of eight children and grew up in a one bedroom house in Dallas.
  • The water in the Hudson River was estimated to be 36 degrees (and there's a great photo of the plane with passengers standing on the wings.)
  • Nothing
  • Victory Plaza is getting two new restaurants and one new bar. They won't be as hotty totty as their predecessors.
  • Everyone likes the Windows 7 beta (after I just bought a new laptop with Vista on it.)
  • The Friday tech advisor column, which is normally pretty good, made my eyes glaze over with a column about something called "Xtreme Tech XLink Bluetooth Gateway." (I have no idea.)
  • Intel's profit dropped 90%. It's shares went up. (I have no idea.)
  • 30 year mortgage rates fall to 4.96% - the lowest since April 1971 (when Freddie Mac started tracking the data.)
  • Didn't get around to it but there's a picture of a big black man in a pinstrip suit looking pretty mean on the front page.