Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Avril Lavigne can sing. (I saw her on some random channel last night in concert.) And she's kinda hot.
  • I've never been that big of an American Idol fan, but the initial tryouts are mildly entertaining.
  • Ok, so maybe I tuned in last night to see the bikini chick they had been promoting.
  • Speaking of concerts in general, I like it when the performer shuts up and lets the crowd sing the chorus of one of his/her songs.
  • Sign I'm getting lazy: I'm now buying Campbell's soup that I can heat in the microwave because I don't want to mess up a pan on the stove.
  • I think the decision by a college star like Tech's Michael Crabtree, who decided to turn pro yesterday, would be a hard one. Being the big man on campus is something that he'll wish he could do again later in life. On the other hand, if he stayed in school and had a career ending injury next year, there would be some serious regret.
  • In law school, I only ate one meal a day so as to not waste study time. Frightening now that I think about it.
  • I'm trying to figure out "Do Da Stanky Leg." (Search youtube and waste a couple of hours.) That pop cultural phenomenon kind of snuck up on me.
  • Anyone see the Dallas cop killer give a jail house interview with Shaun Rabb last night? I'm telling you, that criminal case is not a slam dunk. He claims he didn't know it was a cop and the cops admit that they didn't initially identify themselves by giving a false name. And why did he shoot? "It's a high crime neighborhood."
  • "She’s 6-foot-8, and doctors tell her she’s still growing. She wears size-17 shoes. She has an 86-inch wingspan." And she's a fantastic high school basketball player headed to Baylor. Amazing pic and article here. (Thanks to Derrick Boyd for telling me about her.)
  • There's a lot of gray in my goatee. I'm not too proud to color it.
  • I don't buy the "President Bush has kept us safe since 9/11" line. If some terrorist wanted to cross the Mexican border and set off a bomb in a Las Vegas casino, it could be done tomorrow.
  • Laura Bush announced last week that she would write an autobiography. Boy, I bet that'll be a real page turner.
  • What I learned from PBS this morning: Each new president has ended his oath of office with "so help me God" but that phrase is not found in the oath's text which is in the Constitution.
  • I'm thinking about changing my style of dress socks. (But I always buy a bunch of identical ones at the same time so that I won't have to worry about mixing and matching.)
  • I think I'm forgetting more and more things. Either I'm losing my mind, or I'm so bombarded with information all day that I can keep it all straight.
  • It's headline news that Keller ISD won't show the Obama inauguration on TV during school hours? Are we going to show it in Wise County? Will Wise County even acknowledge the Obama presidency.
  • Man, the federal government is spending money like a drunken sailor.