Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Never again will I ignore, "Your seat cushion can also be used as a flotation device."
  • Of all the amazing things about the plane crash yesterday, I think the fact that no one panicked may be at the top of the list. Even after the plane came to a peaceful rest on the water, I would think everyone would be of the belief the plane would sink within one minute.
  • They had another capital murder acquittal in Tarrant County yesterday. Fifteen years ago that would have been unheard of. No more. (And attorney Jim Shaw was involved in it -- the same guy involved in the Wise County "head for the hills" case last week.)
  • President Bush just kind of limps off into the sunset.
  • People can't handle four way stops. It's not that hard people.
  • And I hate the four way dance of "You go. No, you go. Ok, I'll go. Move forward. But he moves forward. Both hit brakes."
  • Random Colorado high school basketball score: 94-1.
  • Heard a traffic reporter refer to the "outerskirts" of the metroplex this morning. Is that a word?
  • I haven't been to a high school basketball game since the Decatur and Bridgeport girls met in the playoffs in Denton in the mid 1990s. Decatur won.
  • Whenever I hear someone spin their tires, I'm 100% sure there is a dumb person behind the wheel.
  • All the sports shows/writers have been referring to the Rangers' Michael Young as the "Face of The Franchise." Sheesh. He's a face you couldn't pick out of a lineup.
  • While you were sleeping: Bank of America gets $20 billion more of your money. (I'm still waiting for the whole system to collapse.)
  • I jammed a chip into the roof of my mouth a couple of days ago and it still hurts like a sonofagun.
  • I always forget about Channel 11 news.
  • Anyone remember when Channel 4 was CBS and Channel 11 was a place where you could find Slam Bang Theater (which, uh, was a kid's show.)
  • There was a stranded 18 wheeler sitting on the 51 exit ramp off of 287 this morning before sunrise. Dangerous. But the Decatur cops were there with their lights on.
  • Edit: The Ticket just announced that it is becoming the home station of the Dallas Stars. Kill me. Hockey? They'll be using valuable air time for hockey?