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Something I Just Learned From Time Magazine

"Still [the shoe thrower] may have done Bush a favor. In an ABC News interview the next day, the President concceded for the first time that al Qaeda had no presence in Iraq before the U.S. invasion, adding, 'So what?' In another news cycle, this admission would have dominated the headlines . . . . "


Anonymous said...

I can not wait to see how Jarhead and Wordkyle twist this. Lets watch these pair of republican parrots explode. Who wants to bet they dial into Rush and see how he twists it then they can respond.

Jarhead said...

Here's my twist.

He looks a helluva lot older than Clinton did when he left office.

"So what" just about sums up the neoconservative stance on their empire-buliding foreign policy.

As long as guys like Bush and Obama are in power, our foreign policy will be that of appeasement when it should be non-interventionalist. Among other things, we'll keep pumping cash into Israel which in turn puts us at odds with the whole of the Arab world. US presence in so many nations around the world is why everyone hates us, not because of one president (although he had alot to do with it).

I'm just waiting to see what the Liberal Messiah is going to do about this mess he's inherited. I certainly don't envy him.

And unfortunately, The Republican party has a long way to go before I'll be able to say out loud that I'm one of them.

How's that for exploding?

Anonymous said...

Bush,under his own personal agenda, has single handedly damaged this country far worse than anything Bin Laden could have ever done in the same amount of time.

Anonymous said...

Jarhead.....I agree with you. What in the world have you been drinking today?

Jarhead said...

Nothing... you're just getting smarter, Grasshoppa... :))

Anonymous said...

Lot's of luck to the next occupant, but he will only add to the demise of our country as we knew it. More Govt., inflated money, no spending control, a FED accountable to no one. Yep, can't wait....our kids are so fortunate for the CHANGE, what change, its all still bought and paid for by the lobbyist. Gold & Bullets thats what we need to shake Washington up.

Anonymous said...

You liberal weenies only hear what you want to hear. Although there were no Al Qaeda in Iraq before the invasion, it is well know that Hussein(not the newly elected one) had sponsored training camps for them and payed suicide bombers families.

Anonymous said...

Jarhead you sound more like a Nazi than anything. And everyone knows Republicans will eat their own.

Anonymous said...

You know there was a time and place when a government:

used to cut the tongues out of people they thought divulged secrets and cut others ears off for receiving same.

could start a war that cost 1 million plus lives over oil and a disputed strip of desert land.

could kill hundreds of thousands of ethnic people in an extermination effort often using gas.

would bill citizens for the rope used to hang family members.

Would bill families before the surgery to remove family members hands for anasthetic or the surgery would be completed without it.

became even more unbelievably wealthy while hundreds of thousands died of disease and starvation when the world finally thought to stop the madness with sanctions.

The country is the Iraq of Saddam. There's more of course but, you get the idea.
Without the war presently being fought it would have been fought against a partnership of Iran, Iraq and Syria.
It was inevitable.

The main difference as far Iraq itself goes would be that in a few years it would have been controlled by Saddams sons who were younger, smarter and more powerful but, without the sense of decency and moral restaint that Saddam was wont to demonstrate.

Thus concludes your real world history lesson for the day.

The gentle people sleep easy in their beds at night knowing there are coarse men of action willing to do violence upon their fellow man in their stead to keep them safe. (paraphrased)

20 years from now man will remember our assault upon Iraq as one of the most important stands for freedom, democracy and human rights since D-day.

Where will you be?

Lying in a bar to some other goob about how awesome you were in Fallujah or Baghdad?

I won't have to lie.

The End

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you Barry for bringing that quote to my attention.

Jarhead said...

Don't waste your time reading this. I just did it to get a few things straight in my mind.

"Without the war presently being fought it would have been fought against a partnership of Iran, Iraq and Syria.
It was inevitable."

The only thing Iraq, Iran and Syria have that we need is oil. Well, in truth, we really don't need it, we have plenty of our own ~ we have to have theirs because we're not allowed to drill where the oil actually is in our own country, so, because of our own stupid internal politics combined with idiotic, imperialistic foreign policy, we're in a war that we really don't need to be in.

So, with all the oil we could ever need right under our feet, how is it inevitable that we're going to war with your little "Axis of Evil"? You may be right if policy decisions continue to be made as they have been for the past 5 years or so... My point is that we have no need to have any dealings with the Middle Eastern nations. If we could lessen our reliance on OPEC oil, they could engage in civil war ad infinitum ~ what would we care?

And Saddam's sons were so smart that they got killed before daddy did. The Hussein family was a very shallow, yet evil gene pool. I promise Saddam didn't ascend to his position as dictator via smarts ~ it was brute force.

I'm not sure I agree with your assertion that "20 years from now man will remember our assault upon Iraq as one of the most important stands for freedom, democracy and human rights since D-day." Once we pull troops out of Iraq, it'll be a power vacuum for another dictator and I think we'll have learned yet another costly lesson in foreign policy failure, too much oversight from the left, and clumsy [for the most part] military leadership. Additionally, I’m fairly confident [my own opinion here based on interactions with Iraqis and Kuwaitis] that these people are incapable of setting up a rational functioning [by Western standards ~ even that’s a bit of a contradiction] quasi-democracy. It will never happen. As the Lefties are so fond of saying “government and religion don’t mix.” For the Muslims, there’s no differentiation. The religious factions will always be killing one another off. It’s been like that for more than 2000 years. Are we so arrogant to believe that we have the power to change all that?

I'm thankful that there are men that still take up the noble profession of arms ~ they follow orders and do the bidding of the President and Congress. I think we just need to pick our battles a little better so that when we send them off to "do violence upon their fellow man" that it's in the interest of the entire American people, not just a small group of narcissistic politicians who heed only their own counsel. They'll be heroes because they fought, but in 20 years, they may question what they were fighting for, รก la Vietnam.

Ask a vet. Are they proud they fought? Hell yes they are (well, maybe not John Kerry). Do they believe what they were fighting for? Most will say they were doing the job Uncle Sam sent them to do. I'm proud of them too... and the guys in Iraq and Afghanistan. I'm just worried that everything they're fighting and dying for now may disappear once they come home.

"Thus concludes your real world [deleted] lesson for the day."


The End

Carry on.

Damn, I should have written a book instead of wasting all this on a few anonymous trolls.

Slow week.

Anonymous said...

Not to stir up any more trouble here between you two but,we haven't bought a teaspoon of oil from Iraq since that war started.

Jarhead said...

Oh well crap. Forget all that stuff I said then.

Anonymous said...

5:38 What do you mean that we haven't bought oil from Iraq? Go to:

The Energy Information Agency shows that we import some 652,000 barrels per DAY from Iraq in 2008 and 493,000 per DAY in 2007. Some people sure spout lousy information.

Jarhead said...

Wait, I meant every word I said!

Anonymous said...

I lived there for years those people are as thick as shit! I say this all the time because I knw what it is I am talking about! You all will be shocked to know what I do regarding the next regime! If I explained it you wouold belive I need be hauled off to the asylum. Thick as shit they are and will always be I tell you now that the shoe thrower has a better standing in that area of the World! more so than any known politician or Army genral!

Anonymous said...

I just hope you aren't their grammar teacher.