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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Santa, baby. Indeed.
  • The closing of the big car dealership in North Richland Hills after 30 years didn't get enough notice yesterday. That should scare everyone. Big time.
  • I think my outdoor temperature gauge in my car is messed up. It was raining while it said 31 degrees this morning. 
  • The National Weather Service cancelled the freezing rain advisory around 6:30 this morning. But at 7:45 WBAP was reporting that people were crashing into each other all over the place in southern Tarrant County (Midilothian area in particular.)
  • Just heard a siren in Decatur right before 8:00 a.m. 
  • I don't like the Cowboys chances against the Eagles this weekend, but it would be just like them to win. And then get killed the next week in the playoffs.
  • Those "he went to Jared's" commercials bug me. (I think I've said that before.)
  • I've never understood intentionally loud exhaust pipes on autos.
  • I think I like Christmas music so long as it is sung by one person and is "passionate."
  • Everyone dismisses Al Franken, who is now winning a month after the Senate election in Minnesota, as some kind of clown. He's no dummy. I remember seeing him about 15 years ago on Jeopardy where he smoked his opponents on a wide variety of subjects.
  • It would be hard to put a newspaper together on a daily basis.
  • See the Fox 4 story last night of the "single mom with eight kids" who had her Christmas presents stolen from underneath her tree? I didn't hear anything after "eight kids."
  • I'm torn by the show "Momma's Boy." It's sooo staged but half the time the women are in bikinis (so it's kinda of like watching PBS or the History Channel.)  But with all that Jewish Mom vs. Black Women controversy, they ought to rename the show Race Wars.
  • Speaking of newspapers, has anyone seen the Paradise newspaper? I think I've figured it out: Post a picture of as many residents as you can and print as many names as you can.
  • What might be my favorite book-in photo of the year occurred yesterday in Fort Worth. It's of Angela Smith. (And, so there is no confusion, that's not the Angela Smith married to my law partner.)
  • That Dale Hansen video below really bugs me for some reason.


Anonymous said...

why do they get to recount until the dem wins. you libs should be very proud of Al. im sure he'll be more embaresing than Biden.

Anonymous said...

Mother & 8 kids presents stolen:

If the presents were stolen, I feel sorry for the kids. However, the report said that
1. The Mother wasn't home at the time of the invasion (her and 8 kids all gone at the same time??)
2. Most of the presents had been donated to them.
3. The "Thieves" unwrapped all of the presents to "make sure they had the good stuff"!

AND THE KICKER (to me at least)
4. One of the daughters was talking about what all was under the tree....IPODs, video games, new X-Box", and so on and so on!!!!!
Isn't it strange that they knew what was in the wrapped presents??
Hey, why don't we open all of the presents, hide them at the neighbor's house and then we can get more toys donated?

I saw on this morning's news that the Dallas Fire Dept. already delivered new bicycles, and clothing yesterday afternoon. I'm sure that more are to come.

Anonymous said...

BG....One of the best "Random Tuesday morning thoughts" in a while, keep up the good work

Foghorn said...

As a public service I will attempt to solve today's puzzle and prove I am as smart as Al Frankenstien. Therefore I will be qualified to win the Texas senate seat that KBH is selfishly giving up (and her seniority) to stroke her ego and screw Texas citizens.

Question 1:

"That Dale Hansen video below really bugs me for some reason"


Dale has an unusually large head, required to fit that ego into.

Dale reminds you of a Jerry Springer epidosed, wherein he always tears down whatever he reports on, his kids, cowboys, longhorn, aggies, and at the end of the boredcast give a smug, "you cannot get me" attitude.

Dale is probably not a nice person and it comes through, so when he attempts to make nice, you know it is a lie.

Senator Foghorn

Anonymous said...

Speaking of newspapers, has anyone seen the Decatur newspaper? I think I've figured it out: Post a picture of as many traffic acidents as you can and print the names of as many people involved as you can. Thats why I canceled my subscripton months ago.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it sucks that the dealership people were laid off right before Christmas. But I can only enjoy the demise of Texas car dealerships. They are the reason I can't buy a car directly from a manufacturer. Their lobby is so powerful it led to the laws that manufacturers cannot sell directly to the public here.

And nothing says that a domestic-dependent dealership cannot diversify. There are plenty of other makes that a dealership can sell.

Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

just gotta say, if ya can't afford to take care of your OWN kids, stop having them!

Anonymous said...

Hearing word that James Wood has had to put some of his managers back into salesman positions AFTER laying off about 14 salesmen. Anyone else heard anything about that?

Anonymous said...

Toy robbery probably staged in order to double up with additional donations. Happens a lot.

Anonymous said...

Barry, a common thread seems to be developing in your blog lately. Is it just me or do you have a problem with parenthood, children, and any form of imperfection in another human that has chosen to reproduce? In an apparent attempt to justify your life choices, you have hacked on everyone you deem a poor parent from Dale Hansen to some poor lady with eight kids that did nothing wrong other than manage to get robbed.

Prejudice in any form is ALWAYS based on ignorance leading to false assumption that you are superior to a group you can't identify with. And hypocrisy is not a disease simply reserved for the "religious".

Could it be that your smugness is really an attempt to use what you perceive as other's poor choices (ie overextending their gene pool)as a way of diverting your insecurity about your choice not to go down the same path.

Please know that I respect your passion and intellect that cries out for a liberal understanding and tollerence of others. So please lighten up and give those of us that chose to be imperfect gene donors a little liberal love too.

Merry Christmas!

wordkyle said...

The Democrats are demonstrating their superiority in ballot-counting in Minnesota. Each precinct's ballots are being recounted and interpreted in different ways, with only one consistency -- they're being interpreted so as to give Franken the vote. Some examples are so blatant that if the Republicans let them stand, the Democrats deserve to win.

Anonymous said...

Went to Denton to have my HONDA serviced on Saturday (I have to say that the HONDA service dept rocks!). HONDA dealership sits next to James Wood. Had 30 minutes so I walked down to the corner store to get a newspaper. Customers were already coming into the HONDA dealership early in the day but I did not see a single car drive into the James Wood lot. Pretty depressing. However, I bet a lot of the Decatur East location sales staff are scrambling to move to the West side (HYUNDAI)........might as well go where you will see results.

Anonymous said...

Just read a great article about the corrupt politics in Illinois. The jest of the story, "Illinois, where the governors make their own license plates."

Anonymous said...

Al Franken didnt he invent the frozen frankenmonkey?
Have a merry Christmas and try to keep your frankennuts from getting frozen!

uncle fester stardate 2012

Anonymous said...

Re Hansen: Yes, it is your fault if your kids don't like you. They probably don't respect you and you didn't raise them in a manner that would cause them to respect you.

I met Mr. Hansen at a small party a couple years ago. He is a larger than life guy (ego and physically). He's about 6'2" and maybe 270lbs. He "held court" with a few small groups of people while talking about himself and smoking a cigar. After a couple hours, his novelty had worn off, and, when no one wanted to listen to him him talk, he wandered a round for a while, then left. He never asked a single person a single question, was never interested in anyone else, and he lost interest in the party when the party lost interest in him.

After seeing that video of him and his kids, I can't help but think what it must have been like having to deal with that self-centered attitude for 18 years in house that he, admittedly, wasn't around much. It's hard to like a person that only likes themself.

If you don't have a genuine interest in your kids, for Christ's sake, fake it.

Tell your kids you love them, go to their games, tell them when they do something well, and help them when they don't; read them books, be a little late going to bed so you can tell or hear one more story, let them "help" you cook. Listen to them. You will never get yesterday back with your kids, but what you did all those yesterdays determines how many tomorrows you get to spend with them.

Anonymous said...

anon 8:52 -
well i got a subscription a month ago because the paper put pictures of accidents and identifies who was involved so we know if it was a friend or family member injuried.

hence the name: newspaper.

that's news, and thats what i pay to read. a feel-good story about local santas is a nice wamer-upper.

Collectionsite said...

Anon at 9:56 AM:

I also was at a function (Dale)he was at and you are 100% correct on his actions and attitude. Also you are 100% on target with your entire post. You can tell good parents.

Barry are you sure that is not your law partners wife? Could you post a picture for us of her. It sure does look like her. I am just saying to remove all doubts.

Anonymous said...

Dble Fake Joe The Wise County Dump Scheduler sez:

DUMP SCHEDULE - The Slidell dumpsite will be closed Dec. 24-25 (open today, Friday and Saturday). Boyd, Chico, Cottondale and Decatur dumpsites will be closed Dec. 24-25 (open Friday and Saturday).

Happy Holidays...Joe

Anonymous said...

It's official. To be a liberal weenie and hold public office you have to win at Jeopardy. Skippy, by that reasoning, the all time money winner on Jeopardy should have been President. Who were Al Franken's competitors, J-Lo and Whoopi Goldberg?

Anonymous said...

The random thoughts lack continuity. Let me help.

" The Paradise newspaper reports today that Al Franken has asked James Wood to close his auto dealership on the grounds that BG's temperature gauge (heretofor to be referred to as the thermometer) seems to be malfunctioning, causing the NWS to cancel freeze warnings while cars with loud exhausts crash into each other in Midlothian. Many single moms with 8 kids heard sirens in Decatur, indicating that a really stupid Dale Hanson video featuring people passionately singing Christmas songs was sponsored by Jared's Galeria of Family Jewels in a commercial pitting Jews against Negrose."

Anonymous said...

So gas is cheap and cars are still not selling. The housing market is going south. Obama is the incoming president. As soon as he was about to be elected the government started buying an interest in American banking and industry. Can't wait for the defaults so we the people will own them. I like this. I should have lived in the old USSR. Maybe I will. Maybe we will change the name of our country to the United Socialist States of America, aka USSR. A hard rain is go'n to fall.

Anonymous said...

The auto industry is in trouble. How about oil and gas. Does anyone have a source or link to the number of drilling rigs operating in Wise County?

Anonymous said...

I answered my own question. Should have read todays Star Telegram. Drilling is down.

Anonymous said...

So can we go ahead and get the turf in at Eagle stadium.

Just asking....

Anonymous said...


If you'll be a little bit patient Barak Obama will pay for it.

Anonymous said...

Ya he gonna pay for my house my cara my ceell phone billa an anythin elsse i neds hepomised my he moor white oopresssion

Anonymous said...

yeah come to think of it i would like to see something other than traffic accidents take up the front page of the messenger. maybe they coud have one part of the paper with it on page 2 and the more important news on the front page

Anonymous said...


Pics of wrecks aren't news...That's entertainment. To spin it any other way is a transparent attempt by you to rationalize it.

To say that you get it to check and see if it was your friends or family..I mean, really? You REALLY expect anyone to buy that load of crap? If my friends or family were in a wreck, AND THEY WANTED ME TO KNOW ABOUT IT, they would call and tell me. I wouldn't have to read about it in the local gossip rag. The ignorance of some people still somehow suprises me....

Anonymous said...

i think the messenger is sensationalizing these wrecks, other newspapers do not do it to this degree, many people have told me that they also canceled with the messenger for that reson, because they are tired of the messenger exploiting other peoples pain. im not saying ignore the wrecks, just put it a list of people involved and a few brief paragraphs on the bottom of page 2, and please dont have mr. duty out there taking pictures of totalled cars!

Anonymous said...

I wish I was BG and so many people were jealous of me.

My life sucks.

I'm pathetic

Anonymous said...

9:14, your ramblings are as dumb as the lady that you propose to protect. If you cannot afford to provide for your children, then you should not have them. Plain and simple!! The problem with today’s society is that they have the idea that you should be entitled to whatever you want and someone else is supposed to furnish it to you while you have no responsibility whatever. Get over it!!!!

Anonymous said...


Funny how you pick out the one intelligent and insightful comment here and trash that poster for something he/she did NOT say. Damn, are you an idiot, or just trying to be intellectual in spite of your Down's Syndrome?

Anonymous said...

hey 809, if you shot off your thang with a flare gun i would be amused

Anonymous said...

I thought Downs syndrome was people who like oral sex

Anonymous said...

I'm 'down' with that! Nyuk nyuk nyu huk

Anonymous said...

why does the owner of the paradise paper keep posting on here?
i want carnage in the paper. wrecks are news, and if you say it isnt, then you must not watch the news at 5, 6 110. the first thing EVERY night is murder and then accidents. and every morning, we get traffic updates every 10 minutes, and if there is a wreck, they show us live video.


Anonymous said...

On December 21,2012 you'll be getting bugged alright but, it won't be by Dale Hansen.