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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Santa, baby. Indeed.
  • The closing of the big car dealership in North Richland Hills after 30 years didn't get enough notice yesterday. That should scare everyone. Big time.
  • I think my outdoor temperature gauge in my car is messed up. It was raining while it said 31 degrees this morning. 
  • The National Weather Service cancelled the freezing rain advisory around 6:30 this morning. But at 7:45 WBAP was reporting that people were crashing into each other all over the place in southern Tarrant County (Midilothian area in particular.)
  • Just heard a siren in Decatur right before 8:00 a.m. 
  • I don't like the Cowboys chances against the Eagles this weekend, but it would be just like them to win. And then get killed the next week in the playoffs.
  • Those "he went to Jared's" commercials bug me. (I think I've said that before.)
  • I've never understood intentionally loud exhaust pipes on autos.
  • I think I like Christmas music so long as it is sung by one person and is "passionate."
  • Everyone dismisses Al Franken, who is now winning a month after the Senate election in Minnesota, as some kind of clown. He's no dummy. I remember seeing him about 15 years ago on Jeopardy where he smoked his opponents on a wide variety of subjects.
  • It would be hard to put a newspaper together on a daily basis.
  • See the Fox 4 story last night of the "single mom with eight kids" who had her Christmas presents stolen from underneath her tree? I didn't hear anything after "eight kids."
  • I'm torn by the show "Momma's Boy." It's sooo staged but half the time the women are in bikinis (so it's kinda of like watching PBS or the History Channel.)  But with all that Jewish Mom vs. Black Women controversy, they ought to rename the show Race Wars.
  • Speaking of newspapers, has anyone seen the Paradise newspaper? I think I've figured it out: Post a picture of as many residents as you can and print as many names as you can.
  • What might be my favorite book-in photo of the year occurred yesterday in Fort Worth. It's of Angela Smith. (And, so there is no confusion, that's not the Angela Smith married to my law partner.)
  • That Dale Hansen video below really bugs me for some reason.