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Snowing In Seattle

Not that this is relevant to anything, but it snowed yesterday during the Seahawks/Jets game. Just saw this pic and thought it was cool.
Edit: And if you want to see a Jets player throw a giant snowball at a fan, go here. (40 second mark).


Bigwillie02 said...

I would like to watch some of a game at that angle. I predict that by Dec. 21. 2012 we will have a quarterback cam. Call me crazy but I'm just sayin!

Anonymous said...

What is more likely in the very near future is that we will watch games as they "hover" over a flat surface in the middle of a room. Similar to a hologram. It will be 3d, and you will be able to "walk" around the game and watch from different angles. The technology already exists to do this, but is still somewhat disjointed and expensive. Plus the retrofit required to broadcast on a wide scale. But, it's coming.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean "Global Warming" really is a hoax?