Dale Losing It?

Dale Hansen plays his "Thank God For Kids" video every year at this time and he did so last night. And he always follows it with a little message and, normally, it's great. (I still get a little misty when I think of the time he mentioned that his ex-wife lost her battle with cancer one year "because it wasn't a fair fight.") Anyway, last night was just plain weird. It's obviously scripted but he was all over the place. And, quite shockingly, he threw his two kids under the bus in a bizarre way --- in a burn-down-the-bridge kind of way. Link. (There's a quick commercial and then the "Thank God" video. His commentary -- which you can slide over to -- starts at 2:42.) (MzChief mentioned this a second ago in a comment. I promise I was going to post it anyway.) Edit: Crazy twist --- Eric Hansen, Dale's son, gets a mention in the crazy triple murder (?) case in Dallas that happened on Friday.