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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • That's a special reader submitted "Random Thought" girl.
  • Wait there's more: The gal on the left has a myspace page where she goes by "Trish the Dish" covering Dallas nightlife and lists her hometown as . . . wait for it . . . "Bridgeport."
  • It gets odder: Here she is in a youtube promotional video for a club where Tony Romo makes an appearance. (It's racy enough that it requires a youtube age confirmation.) She's much hotter in the video than she is in the picture.
  • I should stop my Random Thoughts right now since everyone has gone away.
  • The "reader submitted girl for Random Thoughts" is a great idea.
  • Wade Phillips did not hold a team meeting before the team was dismissed yesterday.
  • I hate Myspace. I'm beginning to like Facebook.
  • It looks like Hamas fires homemade rockets into Israel while Israel hits back with jets with missile technology that could hit a car from miles away.
  • I would think that radio advertising is the least effective. Who doesn't switch to another station during a commercial break?
  • There's a NyQuil commercial involving guys camping where one of them makes a subtle "hoof and mouth" disease joke. I don't know why I laugh, but I do.
  • I wouldn't be in Times Square for NYE for, well, less than a ton of money.
  • A movie which is hitting DVD that is getting belatedly good reviews is Ghost Town. But since it stars Ricky Gervais, it should be very funny.
  • In case you missed it: Sarah Palin's teenage daughter became a Baby Momma yesterday. It already says "momma" with an irritating accent.
  • My New Year's Resolutions from last year are here. I accomplished two of them: I got Hi-Def TV and I've had more fires in my fireplace.
  • I watched some of Jon & Kate Plus 8 last night. It's about a couple raising eight young kids (twins + sextuplets.) It was like a couple being sold into slavery where the kids were the plantation owners. No. Way.
  • A guy has contacted me yesterday and said the County Treasurer issued me a $1,000 check in 2002 that should have gone to him. He even had a check number. Trust me, I'm scrambling to get to the bottom of this. I still don't believe it.
Edit: OK, everyone start being nice to "Trish". Since we've confirmed she's from Bridgeport, I might put her in the Liberally Lean Hall Of Fame. (As soon as I start the Liberally Lean Hall of Fame.)