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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I'm still not sure why the Cotton Bowl is being played today instead of yesterday.
  • I didn't leave the house yesterday. Very odd for me.
  • 2008 was the second warmest year since the National Weather Service began keeping records in 1899.
  • Those that laugh about global warming will always come out of the woodwork when we have an abnormally cool day.
  • Let's put a TV reporter in a crowd of drunks on New Year's Ever. Yeah, that's a good idea. (Wait for the hot blonde to appear about halfway through.)
  • I stayed home on New Year's Eve. Enjoyed it more than I thought I would.
  • The girl on the left in the pic above looks like a girl I went to high school with.
  • When I see things like the Montague Jail scandal (below), it drives me nuts. I have the cell phone number of at least 10 people that know exactly what is going on but there's no way they would tell me.
  • The Pour House in downtown Fort Worth is shutting down. I like the Pour House.
  • I was there once when a drunk girl ask me to dance (she had to be drunk.) I learned later that she had been doing that all night "because she's trying to make her boyfriend jealous."
  • I may grow my goatee back out.
  • I got the taco plate at Rosa's Cafe to go the other day and it lasted me dinner then the following lunch and then the following dinner. And to think most people eat that in one meal.
  • Number of arrests for DWI that the Fort Worth Police made on New Year's Eve: 10
  • Number of calls received by Fort Worth PD for random gunfire on the same night: 257
  • What would have been ironic: A drunk driver hit by a stray bullet falling from the sky.
  • Bad news for Florida Gator fans: QB Tim Tebow has apparently decided to transfer to Cincinnati. And play right tackle. And convert to Islam. Either that, or the graphics department at Fox is a mess.
  • If someone show me a baby picture, I have no idea what to say other than he or she, "is so cute!" I mean, the kid could look like the Elephant Man and I'd still say that.
  • Oh, my. I was watching CNN's coverage of Times Square on Wednesday night and was mildly entertained by Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper. But I wasn't watching when she said this shocking (and I do mean shocking) thing.
  • Linday Lohan is still a Hey, Now. But, as I saw the other day for the first time, she sure was an ugly little kid in The Parent Trap.