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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Cowboys get "knocked out" of the playoffs. Get it?
  • I don't know if the Cowboys are a good team that underperformed or a mediocre team that played like a mediocre team.
  • I don't think Jerry fires Wade -- He just sounds too adamant about it.
  • But Wade calling for a punt yesterday and Romo telling them to get off the filed may have been one of the more bizarre things I've seen.
  • The Cowboys have lost the last game of the year for nine years in a row.
  • Mark Friedman of The Ticket flew back on the Cowboy's chartered jet yesterday and this morning described the atmosphere like "the last day of school."
  • One final Cowboys/NFL thought: The players are paid per game. The median salary for the Cowboys this year is $1.3 million - that's $81,000 a game. Do you know how much a player would have receive as "extra compensation" for next week's wild card game? $18,000.
  • Ok, one more: Romo collapsed in the shower after the game.
  • The lowest I've seen gas is $1.34.
  • I always have a thousand questions whenever I hear the words "Gaza Strip."
  • One good thing about not putting up a Christmas tree: I don't have to take it down.
  • Does anyone watch the New Year's Eve parade in downtown Dallas?
  • Dallas Morning News sports writer Jean-Jacques Taylor, who isn't very imaginative, uses the word "abject" a lot.
  • I actually prepared a Spin yesterday but forgot to upload it from home. It'll be up tonight.
  • I got a Malcom Gladwell book for Christmas. I can't believe I had not heard of him.
  • Funny moment on Dale Hansen's Sports Special last night: He began to roll Cowboy highlights but the script didn't match the video. He stopped the tape and went to commercial.
  • OK, one more Cowboy note: Eagles Owner Jeff Lurie Hi-Fives His Wife's Face