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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Cowboys get "knocked out" of the playoffs. Get it?
  • I don't know if the Cowboys are a good team that underperformed or a mediocre team that played like a mediocre team.
  • I don't think Jerry fires Wade -- He just sounds too adamant about it.
  • But Wade calling for a punt yesterday and Romo telling them to get off the filed may have been one of the more bizarre things I've seen.
  • The Cowboys have lost the last game of the year for nine years in a row.
  • Mark Friedman of The Ticket flew back on the Cowboy's chartered jet yesterday and this morning described the atmosphere like "the last day of school."
  • One final Cowboys/NFL thought: The players are paid per game. The median salary for the Cowboys this year is $1.3 million - that's $81,000 a game. Do you know how much a player would have receive as "extra compensation" for next week's wild card game? $18,000.
  • Ok, one more: Romo collapsed in the shower after the game.
  • The lowest I've seen gas is $1.34.
  • I always have a thousand questions whenever I hear the words "Gaza Strip."
  • One good thing about not putting up a Christmas tree: I don't have to take it down.
  • Does anyone watch the New Year's Eve parade in downtown Dallas?
  • Dallas Morning News sports writer Jean-Jacques Taylor, who isn't very imaginative, uses the word "abject" a lot.
  • I actually prepared a Spin yesterday but forgot to upload it from home. It'll be up tonight.
  • I got a Malcom Gladwell book for Christmas. I can't believe I had not heard of him.
  • Funny moment on Dale Hansen's Sports Special last night: He began to roll Cowboy highlights but the script didn't match the video. He stopped the tape and went to commercial.
  • OK, one more Cowboy note: Eagles Owner Jeff Lurie Hi-Fives His Wife's Face


Anonymous said...

You'd think with all the time you had to prepare the the random thoughts (as well as the chic pic) could have been a little higher quality. And the fact that you know more about football than the Gaza Strip is a sad commentary on the superfluousness of American culture. That region is only the venue for WWIII after all.

M-M said...

On a football note: This was my first year to play fantasy football and I won the league championship last night. It was pretty fun.

Gaza strip: I love how the palestians and whole muslim world don't say anything about hamas launching hundreds of rockets at Israel, but when Israel retaliates to put a stop to hamas' attacks, they are condemned by the whole middle east. If your going to mess with the kitty cat, expect to get clawed and bitten.

Anonymous said...

The Israel's are a bunch of bad ass people esp in the Hand to hand combat... Unfortunatly they are out numbered seriously! Without firing a shot or causing damage to any property Israels enemys could literally crush them if they choose by simply rushing them in wave after wave of people...kind of like China could do if it wasnt for the Oceans....however if they ever made it on shore we would be crushed as none of us in America know how to fight HAND to HAND!

Anonymous said...

None of my heros can run fast or jump high. Most of them scored above 700 on their SAT. So I did not watch the Tarant County Cowboys lose again. The day was too beautiful to sit on my behind and drink beer while my children played by themselves outside with the dog.

We went for a walk and they now know how to distinguish a red oak from a post oak by observing their leaf shape. They crave knowledge and should score above 700 on the SAT.

mzchief said...

To M-M...
You are spot on! Everyone tends to forget that Hamas started this crap during Chanukah. Imagine the level of hissing and spitting that would have gone down had ANYONE started lobbing mortars at Hamas during Ramadan.

Somehow the majority of the World fails to realize, Jews are documented to have been in the Middle East for at least 9000 YEARS and have been in what is now Israel for 7000 YEARS. I think it is time the rest of the World tell the Muslims to get the Hell over themselves and STOP starting crap with the Jews unless they want the WORLD'S collective boot up their Muslim arses.

Even according to Islamic law Israel is well within their RIGHT to eradicate the war mongering, Palestinian squatters from the face of the globe. There is a reason the Palestinians have NEVER had a homeland. Keep in mind, the Egyptians and Jordanians want NOTHING to do with the Palestinians.

Anonymous said...

We were talking about what the Cowboys were saying during the game/debacle--I said that I think all they were talking about was how they were going to have more time to spend all the money they make without being interrupted by having to play all those "pesky" games. And then I read the flight home's atmosphere like "the last day of school". And you wonder why I care so little about professional sports nowadays.

Anonymous said...

On December 21 2012 we wont be saying "How bout them Cowboys" anymore.

Anonymous said...

You can't blame the player's for acting like school kids "on the last day of school". They only think about the money, just like the guy who owns the team. Crap runs down hill and they proved it yesterday. There's a cancer in that locker room and I can't figure out if it's Terrell Owens, Pacman Jones or his daddy Jerry. I could care less if they made the playoffs or not./ The one thing the Chinese need to remember is we may not know hand-to-hand combat but the majority of Americans in this Country own guns and know how to use them, bring it own! The reason Hamas won't run through Isreal is because they realize they will have to deal with the U.S. Drop the Nuke on the entire middle east and the problems are solved.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday in Azle one station had gas for $1.29. It was a Chevron.

Anonymous said...

1100 am You cant shoot them all!

One China doll can kick 3 grown mens ass with her broom stick! And they (China)have guns too!

America will never drop another A-bomb!we are to coerrect in our way of thinking these days that would be akin to use the N word it just isnt done these days!

Anonymous said...

Barry - Was the book you got Blink? It's fascinating. I haven't read any of his others, but I will now that I got my Kindle. I love it, and I wasn't sure I would.

Casual Observer said...

What an ass on that one. Isn't that called a shelf? Handy place to set your beer?