Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Megan Henderson decided to break out a rare sexy top this morning. Good times.
  • I've never been on, nor seen, Lake Texoma
  • I can't remember the guy's name that beat Jeremy Wariner in the 400 meters last night, but when he was asked if "a month ago would you believe it if someone told you you would beat Wariner by .99 seconds, would you believe it?" is reply was, "Absolutely." Funny.
  • Gymnast Nastia Liukin returned to DFW Airport yesterday to a crowd of adoring fans. I bet she's going to turn into one high maintenance girl. (And a chunky Carly Patterson showed up.)
  • I make up my bed every day.
  • Now the Bush Administration is talking about 2011 as a deadline for the pullout of troops from Iraq? Wow. After all these years of telling us how setting a deadline would lead to catastrophic results? Any chance they are trying to make moot a major issue in the presidential election?
  • "Girls Gone Wild Bus Booted From Sundance Square"? Welcome to communist Russia.
  • I still laugh at the Spaghetti Cat.
  • My desktop computer at home bit the dust about six months ago, and since then I've gone with just a wireless laptop. I probably won't replace the dead 'puter.
  • The girl in the pic is relatively famous. Win a fake free T-shirt with the correct guess. Edit: Nope, not Britney. Edit #2: Anobiter in the comments wins the sexy T-shirt with the correct answer.
  • There a Dr. Boothe (eye surgeon) commercial which is nothing more than a close up of a girl in a bikini on a surf board. Makes me want to have lasik surgery.
  • I truly don't know how communism practically works. For example, if I'm I Chinese worker, who sets my pay scale? Is there a pay scale? Does my boss send in all the profits to the government who then writes me a check based upon need?
  • Both American 400 meter relay teams dropped the baton last night. I still remember vividly how I screwed up the same race for my 7th grade team. If someone would have told me I would remember it three decades later I would not have said, "Absolutely."
  • McCain not knowing how many houses he owns may end up being a big deal.
  • Nothing, absolutely nothing, of interest will be revealed in an interview with a professional athlete. And I think it's amazing some of those dumb guys don't say something crazy all the time.
  • I wonder what life would be like if we didn't have to sleep? I bet we'd all end up getting in more trouble with all that free time.
  • "A city drug panel has voted to urge police to refrain from arresting adults for marijuana possession during next week's Democratic National Convention." That's funny.
  • Thought from The Shack that has stayed with me: We all have our own set of rules on what we consider to be right and what we consider to be wrong. And even an individual's judgments change over time. Things a person used to think were right he now considers wrong and vice-versa. So if everyone has their own set of rules and even those rules don't remain constant, no wonder there is chaos in this world.