The Glass Cactus

Not that I hang out in clubs very much, but I met up with some friends last night at the Glass Cactus on the property of the Gaylord Texas. Thoughts:
  • That place is really nice. Extremely nice. Then again, anything the Gaylord Texan does is top notch.
  • The place was packed on just a random Saturday night.
  • $10 cover charge
  • The club has a huge outdoor deck (with easy access) that overlooks Lake Lewisville [Edit: Uh, wrong lake.] Very impressive.
  • Funny line: There's a second floor balcony that overlooks the dance floor (good times) but it had a safety net to catch any drinks that might be dropped. "Just like Wrigley Field," a buddy remarked.
  • The band was just a cover band but it was a great cover band.
  • The negative: After the limited valet parking fills up, you have to park back at the hotel and have a shuttle take you over there. That. Is. A. Beating.
  • The shuttle ride on the way back is much more entertaining that the ride getting there.
  • On the way back we got off the shuttle at the wrong exit. Amazingly, a doorman at the hotel told us "this happens all the time" and offered to take us back to the parking garage in one of the hotel's SUVs for free. Nice guy. (Yeah, I tipped.)
  • The crowd was pretty upscale (yeah, that sounds uppity, I know.) Basically in your 30s and (how do I say this?) looked like they had gone to college, partied hard while there, don't go out all that much these days because they have real jobs, but like to have a good time when they do.
  • Loverboy is going to be there in a couple of weeks. Think I'll miss that.
  • Edit: Man, I forgot to mention that I saw two newlywed couples getting out of (ih, separate) limousines at the hotel. And one of them was an interracial couple - great looking by the way - which made me smile.