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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • The 100 hurdles with Lolo Jones hitting hurdle #9 was compelling stuff last night. (Good story and photo here if you don't know what I'm talking about.)
  • I'm still wondering what has happened to the Fox 4 traffic helicopter? Chip Waggonner has been in studio for about three weeks now. He looks depressed.
  • Government waste is one of the few things that drives me nuts.
  • You don't see much of the great Christian Aguilera since she had her baby. That makes me very angry at that baby.
  • I had self-checkout chaos yesterday at the grocery store when I tried to buy tomatoes. Since there wasn't a bar code, I had to weigh them. Then, for some reason, it asked for "quantity". I pressed "4" since I had four tomatoes. (Made sense to me.) Then $16.87 showed up as the purchase price with the command of "please bag item." That was enough for me to ask for help.
  • I listen to NPR's "This American Life" podcast from time to time. Sometimes it's great. Sometimes it's awful.
  • It looked like a thunderstorm camped out over Alvord last night.
  • I had known, but forgotten, that Houston has no zoning laws.
  • The video that was going through all the tubes of the Internets yesterday.
  • Paid $3.39 for gas this morning. That's still too high.
  • I had a tag on one of my dress shirts that I got from the cleaners yesterday that simply read "torn". That is not a good tag.
  • That Jamacian sprinter Usain Bolt is a freak. And I had never heard of him before this week.
  • Silence of the Lambs was on HBO last night. Man, that thing is great no matter how many times I've seen it. (And I remember seeing it for the first time in a theater by Hulen Mall.)
  • Eight days until Baylor v. Wake Forest. I can't believe it.
  • If you start smiling when you hear the phrase, "Boom goes the dynamite" then you'll be interested in who just got a job in Waco.
  • Christina Applegate told Good Morning America that she had a double mastectomy to combat her breast cancer. No jokes about that. Hope she lives until she's old and gray. I'll always be in love with Kelly Bundy.
  • Note to commenters: I don't think scatological humor is funny.
  • When I was in high school, I visited my brother in college one time for a few days. Since I had some time to kill, I went to the Baylor library and discovered they had archives of newspapers on microfiche. I spent hours looking up old stuff by threading that film on a machine as big as a desk. That seems like the Stone Age now. And I recall I didn't have to show an ID - I just walked in and started rummaging around.
  • Cubs fan catches baseball in his beer cup and still drinks it. You kind of want to see that, don't ya?
  • I like a shot of orange juice within two minutes of waking up. After that, I don't really care for it.
  • I was able to run my normal outside jogging route yesterday with no problem. A few days ago I had had to stop due to the heat but part of me thought, "What if I can't do this anymore?" Fear now conquered.
  • Edit: McCain's new radio ad. Mighty big talk from the party that spends money like a drunken sailor.
  • Edit: An emailer sends along a link for the latest political cartoon from JibJab.