Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • That little Chinese gymnast that keeps winning does, in fact, look about 10 years old. But they try to trick her up with make-up to make her look older. Doesn't work. But it's kind of funny that you can cheat in a sport by bringing in someone too young.
  • And the Americans kind of came off as whiners last night in the women's gymnastics. But that was one crazy tie-breaking system.
  • How in the world have we gotten to the point of both presidential candidates are sucking up to Rick Warren with his questionable "Purpose Driven Life" philosophy? And Nightline called him possibly the "next Billy Graham" last night.
  • I almost went to the store to buy sandwich stuff last night but decided it was too much of a beating.
  • I've noticed that KLIF begins every day at around 6:00 with the replaying of news accounts of 9/11 followed by the National Anthem. Seems to be pandering to the "I'm a better American than you are" crowd.
  • I drive by a house on my street that has a motion detector light that is activated simply by driving by it.
  • Who is that Wendy Williams and why does she have a talk show?
  • The stretch of road where 114 and 287 merge in Rhome has more potholes than . . . well, it's a lot of potholes.
  • Lots of controversy over the guy in Frisco who is being threatened with a fine because, according to the Homeowners Association rules, he can't park a pickup in his driveway. Yeah, it's silly but you knew the rules before you bought the house.
  • Getting odder: The guy that allegedly killed the clerk and dumped her body in Sunset is under investigation for burning down a house in Bowie which killed two people
  • Getting creepier: I've learned that I prosecuted that guy in the 1990s in Wise County and sent him to prison (but I have no memory of the case whatsoever.)
  • The Rangers have lost 10 of 12. Ian Kinsler may be out for the season with a "sports hernia".
  • I think I suffer from "lawyer butt" sometimes.
  • I cannot tell you the number of times I've ordered a Chicken Salad at the Whataburger drive through in Decatur only to get a Chicken Sandwich
  • An off duty Fort Worth police officer was arrested over the weekend. Her book in photo has a "I'm so screwed" look about it.
  • I wear older shoes on rainy days.
  • That crazy "Funny Games" movie I've been watching just got a little nuttier. I'm pretty sure the film spent an entire 20 minutes last night showing the victims untying themselves without a word being spoken (but with NASCAR being played on the TV in the background.)
  • Barring a last minute settlement, I should be in a DWI trial today. Might do some updating on that silly Twitter thing.