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I bought an IPhone. I had been tempted. I put the temptation behind me. And then I yielded to the forbidden Apple.

Review after 24 hours of use: This is the greatest invention I've ever seen. The screen is crystal clear. It's intuitive. It's lightening fast. And it's freakin' cool.

I've spent a couple of years jacking with Windows Mobile 5 on my cellphone and there is simply no comparison to the IPhone. I've used every application on it, and it has yet to become sluggish or lock up. It does what it says it will.

The only hitch came with the activation that I had to do myself over the Internet. Everything went fine until ITunes told me to wait for an email. I got it with a message to call an 800 number. I did and talked to a very nice Apple Guy who, after a couple of minutes of verifying I hadn't stolen the phone, told me my "SIM card had become disconnected" and that I needed to take it to the nearest AT&T store for a replacement. Sheesh. But I hightailed it down to Joe Neil Henderson's place and found a kid who was more than happy to help. I was up and running in 15 minutes.