The Campaign For DA


Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

-John McCain has an NCAA basketball bracket contest on his web site. I wanted to vote for the University of GetOuttaIraq but couldn't find it. -Hottest pole vaulter ever? -Longtime Tarrant County lawyer Jack Strickland resigned from the Tarrant County Bar Crimina Defense Bar Association yesterday over the Judge Elizabeth Berry "scandal." Good for him. -Barack Obama's "race speech" yesterday went about as well as it could - I'm now reading Jeffrey Toobin's The Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court - With high gas prices, I hate to see what will happen to the price of airline tickets. - I think I heard that the Mavericks were down by 35 last night to the Lakers but had a chance to win on the final shot. (For the one second I watched the game, I saw they were down by 22). - For those three people that care if Baylor/Purdue will be televised locally tomorrow afternoon, this pdf coverage map says yes.