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I'm An Idiot

I heard on some tech podcast about how great it is to buy "everything" on Yeah, it's known for books and music, but I also heard they now basically have everything you can find in a grocery store.

So I went shopping for stuff I hate to track down at the grocery store because I can never find them: Windex, fancy stuff I use on the floor, toilet paper, and about four other items. When I get to the check-out screen I noticed that the shipping costs were astronomical. Sheesh. But I had already wasted a bunch of time and I justified it based upon "convenience."

But I blew through the final screens a little too quickly because I didn't realize that all of these items were being shipped from third party stores separately. You see that box above? Notice my business card I taped to it for some size perspective? Today it arrived with one 32 ounce bottle of Windex in it. The box was huge. No wonder shipping cost so much.

Now I've got the joy of receiving similar huge boxes over the next three days.