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Random Observations During Spring Break

- I'm not on Spring Break. I don't think I've ever gone anywhere on Spring Break. - C4u (Incidental Remarkings blog over there ----->) is on a cruise. Probably someplace seedy. - Bag of Nothing (blog over there ---->) is on a road trip to Las Vegas but did mention that he passed through Decatur - Is that website down for everyone or is it just me? - Several people sent me the link of bootleggers of vodka in Palo Pinto that put rattlesnakes in the bottles. I'd cut 'em a break for creativity. - Heather Mills was just awarded $50 million for being married a couple of years to the great Paul McCartney. I'll put her in the trifecta of most despised women: Her, Nancy Grace, and Ann Curry. - Where's Boyd's The Hammer? Here, maybe. - The drummer for ABBA met his Waterloo in a very bad way. - Tiger Woods' winning putt yesterday. (youtube)