12 More Days Until . . .

. . . Baylor's quest for a national championship goes crashing and burning in Fort Worth against TCU.

This is BU's starting quarterback, Blake Szymanski. How is he supposed to strike fear in the hearts of Aggies and Red Raiders by posing with a hot cheerleader and a freakin' puppy?! (And is that dog wearing a dress? Sheesh.) The Evil Empire's Colt McCoy wouldn't do that. Chris Simms might have, but not Colt.

Edit: A new investigative picture reveals Blake was wearing Crocs at the moment of the picture. We're doomed.

And Baylor's third string quarterback is a guy named John David Weed. I support him for the simple reason I'd like to see "Weed" on the back of a Baylor jersey. Oh, the irony.