Wise County Sports Thought

I was wondering what the list would look like for the all-time Wise County Athletes based upon post-high school performance. In a list that I created in about 30 seconds I came up with: 1. Kyle Clifton. (Bridgeport High School. Played linebacker at TCU during the early 1980s and then went on to a decade long career with the New York Jets. Intercepted a pass by Troy Aikman.) 2. Bob Goode. (I honestly don't know where he went to high school, but he was Bridgeport resident for years before his recent death. Texas A&M football star. First round draft pick of Washington Redskins. Two pro bowls.) 3. Kevin Haney. (Decatur High School. Starting quarterback at TCU. I think he tried out as a free agent for the Dallas Cowboys but didn't make the team.) 4. James Maness. (Decatur High School. Receiver with TCU and a one year career with the Chicago Bears. Caught a touchdown pass at Texas Stadium in a pre-season game.) 5. Joseph Krebs (Bridgeport High School. Just finished the season with the third best ERA for the Texas Longhorns baseball team.) Like I said, a quickly built list. Edit: I'm an idiot. New list: 1. Kyle Clifton 2. Billy Joe Tolliver (Boyd High School. Texas Tech star quarterback. First round NFL draft pick with a ten season career for a variety of teams. In all honesty, gives Clifton a run for the #1 spot and probably qualifies as more "famous".) 3. Bob Goode. 4. Kevin Haney. 5. James Maness 6. Joseph Krebs.