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Wife Swap

Well, the Alvord episode of ABC's "Wife Swap" was on tonight. I would put video clips up of the best parts but that would require there to be some good parts. That didn't happen. The show was gawd awful.

Other thoughts:
- For some reason, "Alvord" or "Wise County" were never uttered.
- Not once did they go to any part of Wise County that I could recognize.
- Some cops showed up in one scene. It looked like Decatur cops, but the police car had the "Decatur" blurred and the show also blurred all the faces of the cops. What gives?
- This isn't a reality show, it's a bad acting show.
- The Alvord husband and his new wife went "to the city" to some near empty dance club, but I have no idea where it was.
- No Walmart. No Swap Meet. No Dairy Queen. No joy.
- The Alvord Browne family was cooooooooountry, but it might have been a lot of bad acting.


patchouli said...

A very poor story. No money in the world is worth exploiting yourself like that in front of everyone, but then that's just my opinion. I believe the police "scene" was in Bowie. What gives? That had to have been a staged shot! I really hope for the Alvord family's sake that this was a staged show, otherwise these boys are gonna have a heck of a time growing up the adult way.

WRSDemon said...

Wife swap sounds like it should be a production on showtime or skinamax. At least then maybe it would be interesting.

Anonymous said...

She was from Sunset, not Alvord. But I could see how you could get the two mixed up seeing as they're both dumps.

Anonymous said...

There was DEFINITELY acting involved here. The Browne family is a wonderful hardworking family, and those boys are very good kids! Didn't "appear" that way on the show though. Yep, acting!

Anonymous said...

I live in Alvord and I am also a friend of Christie Browne. Trenton and Christie are very nice people as well as Josh, Jeremy, and Benie. I know the show made it look like the boys were bad, but they are not. I saw first hand that some of what you saw on television was acting. I see Benie everyday at school and he is really a great kid. Wife Swap is not the only show on tv that is NOT reality.

anonymous said...

I do not know the family from Sunset but had heard from friends in Alvord that the show was so very "staged". Makes me feel much better that I have never gotten into "reality shows". Probably the only reality we really see on TV is the news.

Anonymous said...

Where do the wives sleep when they change husbands for two weeks?

Anonymous said...

Trenton Browne told us how everything was so "staged". Now think a minute, folks. This is a "reality" show. What do think all the other "reality" shows are like, that are so popular today BECAUSE they're based on "reality"? THEY ARE STAGED! Hollywood and New York couldn't handle reality if they were forced to! These shows are popular with the studios SOLELY because they are cheap to produce, and they are popular with the public because the public is duped into thinking they are--"reality"--which they are not. Wake up, America, and quit watching this stuff!