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Slow Posting Day

I kinda slept in late today (a rarity) and then spent most of the afternoon watching the NFL draft while waiting for an A/C repair guy to arrive. I had already looked inside the unit and saw that a cable had burnt away from the compressor - the same thing that happened last year which caused me to replace the compressor. Why the cable was burnt away again was a mystery. So I'm all prepared to hear that my compressor was fried only to have the a/c guy simply repair the cable and tell me to fire up the unit. Success! After recharging both units, I got out of the deal for $127. I had never been so happy to write a $127 check. And then I went back to the Internet and watched AFL cheerleaders. Good times.


Condoleesa said...

I had that happen with my AC. I think the deal is I had a smarmy AC guy out the first time and he put a wire on that was not suited to the power/voltage and etc on the system. He insisted replacing the wire was a quick fix and that I needed a new compressor. I got on the internet and called the manufacturer and they provided a local guy that is their repair guy for their models. He came out and replaced the wire and told me it just needed a more heavy duty wire than what was put on. The AC lasted several more years. I am now convinced this is a scam they use to replace everything once the unit goes out of warranty.

Anonymous said...

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