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Very Random New Year's Eve Thoughts

I've never been much of a New Year's Eve guy, but I thought about a few of them today: 1. Beatlemania. (Probably 1992.)I went to a cover band of the Beatles playing in a huge ballroom at the Worthington Hotel in downtown Fort Worth. It was top notch. 2. Billy Bob's. (Probably 1993). I have no idea who was playing or why I was there. It was memorable because the next morning I got up in the ice and went to the Cotton Bowl only to leave at halftime to fly to New Orleans for the national championship game between Alabama and Miami. Triple good times. 3. Dinner Mystery Party. (Probably 1995.) This was in some hotel in North Dallas. Concept: I don't know how to explain it. Results: Spare. 4. Some house in Dallas. (Probably 1994.) I went with a couple to one of their friend's house. I knew no one there. The event was memorable because midnight came and went with no one so much as acknowledging it. Very strange. 5. On the lake. (Late 1990s). I lived at the north end of Lake Bridgeport for about 10 years and finally settled down a little bit. There was nothing like watching NYE arrive on TV and then walking out onto the deck and hearing the quietness. 6. Skating rink in Decatur. (Sometime in the early 1970s). The first time I kissed a girl. Results: Triple good times again. 6. Most of the time, I stay home. There's nothing wrong with that.