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A TxDot Engineer's Dream Girl


Anonymous said...

“Evenin' time, Mzchief.......”

Who says “Evenin’ time, Mzchief?”

“I says “Evenin’ time Mzchief.”

“I’se the one that says “Evenin’ time, Mzchief”.

“Evenin’ time Mzchief.”

Anonymous said...

that's gonna look really nice on her in about 70 years. ick!

Anonymous said...

I once "met" a girl that had a stop sign tatooed in a place you want to run. Does the light change based upon this girls mood?

oldphilosopher said...

"Red - stop.

Green - go.

Yellow - go ... VERY FAST."

---Jeff Bridges, in Starman

Anonymous said...

SquareHead Mzcreep has two jarflies tattoed on those thighs that looked like they got beat to death with a sack full on nickels

Anonymous said...

I'll bet that thing is green way more than any other color.

Anonymous said...

that navel thing looks like a vagina?