The Campaign For DA



Ok, it happened again at lunch today. Dear Dallas Morning News Guy: You have tormented me all year. I don't ask much from you - just that a single copy of the Morning News be in either of the two news racks across from the Messenger office. Yeah, I know I could subscribe. Yeah, I know I could pick it up earlier. But I want my paper at noon. I'm a creature of habit that does the same thing every day. I want to read the paper at lunch, not at breakfast, not at dinner, not at the crack of dawn. At lunch. You offer it for 50 cents, and even though you demand exactly two quarters and not "any combination of coins", I am gladly willing to pay it. Heck, I consider it a bargain. Even the Messenger and the Bridgeport Index charge 75 cents. (The Index!!!!!) But you seem to get some sadistic joy in having me walk the two blocks down to the rack only to find it empty. And don't think I'm not aware that you haven't replaced the alternative rack outside of the old Mattie's restuaruant even though Sweetie Pie's, despite its goofy name, causes a ton of people to walk by it everyday. So let this serve as notice that I won't put up with it in 2007. No more Mr. Nice Guy. You hear me? I've been on the verge of losing it for several years and next year could be the year. So if you don't want me to wrap a chain around your news rack and drag it down FM 730 until its beaten to a pulp of twisted metal left for dead in downtown Boyd, then put enough freakin' papers in there to last all day. Or, at the very least, until noon. In Christian Love, BSG