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Ann Curry Joy

My nemeses Ann Curry is filling in as co-host of the Today Show this week. This always makes me excited because I get to see her overact and then panic and say something confusing. There was a gem a second ago. Matt: "No one ever likes their driver's license photos. [Looking at Ann] How's yours?" Ann: [Overacting] Oh! Gosh! Ummmmm! [Puts hand up to confusingly block her face from Matt.] No. Haven't seen it for years." What?


greta said...

OMGosh Barry! How dare she act like that. You should write a letter to the station to have her removed.

Anonymous said...

Barry, These aren't Mensa members here. They read teleprompters for a living.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or are all news shows lately trying their best to show you just how well their anchors get along. They laugh too loud and too long at things that are not funny, all the while ignoring any substantial reporting whatsoever.

Every time I watch a local news show it's the same thing. Maybe I'm just getting old. Stay off my lawn, kids.