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Top Ten Clicked Stories On Dallas Morning News Web Site

1. Student alleges sex with Hebron HS teacher, 144,884 page views 2. Terrell Owens denies suicide attempt, 99,263 3. Austin art teacher defends nude photos, 65,532 4. Watermark Church, ex-member battle over discipline, 46,257 5. 4949 Swiss: Decline of a Diva and her Mansion (Day 2 of a four-day series) , 44,548 6. Gov. Perry believes non-Christians doomed, 40,179 7. The Battle for 4949 Swiss (Day 1 of a four-day series), 39,517 8. Daniels dealt as Mavs pick up a Pacer, 38,043 9. Snap decision can’t save Cowboys in 36-22 loss to Giants, 35,987 10. Scales of justice swing wildly, 35,675 Sports and Nudity are big players. Source (with links). And I hope everyone remembers the teacher from the #1 story was not indicted by a grand jury.