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Good Luck With All Of That

Highland Park is playing for a state championship this weekend. Unfortunately, the game is being played at a 12,000 seat stadium in Tyler (named, oddly, "Trinity Mother Frances Rose Stadium"). Thus, all tickets were sold in a matter of hours. Those Highland Parkers are now scrambling. But some guy will gladly sell you two tickets off of Craig's List. And I bet some Highland Park nutcase will buy them.


bigcatdaddy said...

who cares?

bigcatdaddy said...

Haha...I proved my point...I posted that previous comment at midnight last more one cares.

Anonymous said...

More to it, really. Highland Park announced the tickets would go on sale on Tuesday morning, then sold almost all of them Monday night at a special club function. People bought ten at a time in order to scalp them.

So if you showed up Tuesday morning first in line, you were told "sorry, no tickets are left".