Saddam's Trial

It's odd that the first witness in the Sadam Hussein trial testified behind a curtain and with a voice synthesizer. Ironically, that would never fly in an American courtroom where, thank goodness, there is something called the Confrontation Clause that would prohibit such a thing. Think about it: If someone accused you of a crime, how could your lawyer cross examine him or her if they it could not be determined who they were? And this is a death penalty case! And another disturbing thing was this report: "The most compelling testimony came from the woman identified only as 'Witness A,' who was a 16-year-old girl at the time of the crackdown. Her voice breaking with emotion, she told the court of beatings and electric shocks by the former president's agents." Agents? Certainly we wouldn't put President Bush on trial for the actions of soldier Lindy England at Abu Ghraib prison.