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Business Talk

This business blurb was buried in the Dallas Morning News: "Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst Inc. said Thursday it has sold Aster, a media and communications company in Poland, to Mid Europa Partners, a buyout firm . . . . The deal, worth $490 million, gives Hicks Muse a return of 4.8 times its invested capital, said a spokesperson for the Dallas-based buyout firm. Hicks Muse made its initial investment in Aster in March 2003." Think about that. The Hicks, Muse group bought some Poland business for just under $100 million and sold it less than two years later for almost $500 million. Gordon Geeko lives. (The "Hicks", of course, is Tom Hicks - owner of the Texas Rangers and Dallas Stars. )


gofish said...

Too bad Tom left and started his own group.

bigcatdaddy said...

Maybe he can buy some pitching now.

Anonymous said...

"Greed, in it's purist form, is good. Greed works."

Gordon Gekko, Wall Street


LoveLit said...

And I was excited to find some candlesticks on sale during "Moonlight Madness".