The Campaign For DA


Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • What a crazy election night: 
    • The Wise County turnout was embarrassing. 
    • The Messenger's website was great last night for returns (although it did get overloaded at one point.)
    • Look how close these Wise County races were. 
    • In the JP#4 race, I'll give Todd Bailey credit. He actually knocked on my dad's door during the campaign. 
    • Pat Fallon crushed, and I mean crushed, Craig Estes as our state senator. I didn't think you could beat an incumbent that badly. But he threw out red meat and it worked.
    • The Waco DA got beat.  How's that ridiculous Let's-Indict-Every-Biker-At-Twin-Peaks work out for ya?
    • The "propositions" on the Republican ballot were either written by a child, an intern for Fox News, or Trump.
    • How on God's green earth does Dan Patrick get 76% of the vote in the Republican primary? Isn't there a better option?
    • Meet who will be almost certainly be the next Dallas County D.A. Look at that platform. These times, they are a changing. Edit: I screwed this up. She lost, once the late returns came in, by about 500 votes.
    • Former WFAA investigative reporter Brett Shipp failed to make the runoff for Congress.
    • Former KXAS anchorman Mike ("I Love You, Jane") Snyder did make the runoff for Tax Accessor-Collector in Tarrant County.
  • "It's always been about the program. Never about winning." - TCU Head Coach Gary Patterson in defense of the lawsuit by a player. It's never about winning?
  • If you have allergies, get ready. 
  • Trump is now a book promoter at the crack of dawn? 
  • Another member of Trump's inner circle quit last night. His economic adviser decided it's time to jump ship because of Trump's tariff threat.
  • BBQ talk whips me to no end.
  • Mark Cuban is having the worst year ever. And it is just March. 
  • Fox 4 had a segment on how Park Place Lexus held a party for an army reserve before he is deployed. Isn't that amazing that the camera just happen to be there to film it? #PaidAd