Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I might need to make this the new "And Another" bullet point because it happens so often. Story. A prosecutor who wants to win more than seek justice is the most dangerous person in America.
  • I was watching Waco in front of the College Sophomore In The House Who Is Home and she was interested but confused. I asked her how much she new about it. It wasn't much. I was almost disappointed then I figured out she was born in 1998, and The Branch Davidian fiasco happened in 1993. 
  • She had a friend who happened to be a boy over last night to watch TV. They wanted to watch something on Amazon and the guy tells me "I brought over a hacked Firestick so it will be easy." I did the slow head turn at him which caused him to say, "Uh, it's just a 'modified' one."
  • I know one faithful blog reader who will find this story very interesting.
  • I told you that Denton County Sheriff was grandstanding, and his curious tough-guy-rant got him  onto Fox News. Do you realize the number of Chiefs of Police and Sheriffs who are in this country who just shut up and do their jobs? But a handful of them want to be the next Sheriff Joe or Sheriff David Clarke. (Side note: I know the cowboy hat is what that masses want to see, but that's a bad brim): 
  • Compare and contrast.
  • Any of these Texas high school basketball scores jump out at you? (And it didn't even involve overtime.)
  • Trump had a rare Saturday midday tweet. I hope he's not going CRAZY. 
  • Gary Oldman won an Oscar last night (or so I have heard.) His best character was his brief appearance in the underrated True Romance
  • This is the most deceptive and horribly reported stories I've seen in a while. WFAA needs to be ashamed. They give the impression that a guy running for DA in Smith County cut a deal on a case involving the murder of a trooper. Nope, it was an unrelated case which they take a long time to mention and don't make clear.  (Side note: Fox 4 News in the last rating period swept every single time slot.) 
  • Five people have filed to run for mayor in Runaway Bay. I'll tell you one thing, that "quiet" community is a constant political storm. 
  • Alex Alec Baldwin did the "cold open" on Saturday Night Live, but in looking for it  I ran across this photo from years back. That's one bizarre cast of characters. I could name three of the four. 
  • Alabama's Roy Moore says he's broke. To refresh your recollection, (1) he was removed from the  Alabama Supreme Court for not obeying the law, (2) lost his Senate bid even with Trump's endorsement, and (3) "dated"  teenagers he met in malls. In a message begging for money (welfare?) he said, ""Gays, lesbians, and transgenders have joined forces with those who believe in abortion, sodomy, and destruction of all that we hold dear. Unless we stand together we will lose our country."
  • The West Virginia teacher strike continues today. Oklahoma teachers are considering it. Texas? You guys gonna just sit back and watch?