Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • It might be slow around here today. I'm having MAJOR surgery. (Actually, it's a minor hernia repair but everyone around me is freaking out which makes me want to freak out.)
  • Jaywalker, who just happens to be black, beaten by cops in North Carolina. Those guys are going to be indicted -- unless the South is trying to rise again. 
  • There was a note from a Wise County jury to the court yesterday which, if what I heard is true, is amazing. I'll try to get a copy. 
  • Trump is going to meet with the North Korean leader? That will never happen. Flashback:
  • And this guy will die on Trump Cross:
  • Who would have thought something could go wrong?

  • The over/under line on the Texas Rangers for total season wins is 77.5. Take the under. #SportsGenius
  • Lawyer to client in the Wise County courthouse yesterday: "What I want to do is resolve this case today [by a plea bargain.]" Buddy, I know you are from out of town and hate driving up here, but what you want is irrelevant. 
  • I guess the nation is already tired about the gun control issue. We have the attention span of a toddler.
  • Rick Carlisle calling the new allegations against Mark Cuban "fake news" and a "proven non-event" are over the top and irresponsible. The only logical response is, "I don't know what is true." He would never say that -- that's why he needed to keep his mouth shut. 
  • Uh, oh. The Fort Worth judge story regarding his order to shock a defendant in court has been picked up by The Guardian with over 7 million Twitter followers.
  • Justin Northwest, which is going to the state basketball final, has a center who is 6'7" and 336 pound center who comes off the bench. He also has signed with Oklahoma as an offensive lineman in football.