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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • It might be slow around here today. I'm having MAJOR surgery. (Actually, it's a minor hernia repair but everyone around me is freaking out which makes me want to freak out.)
  • Jaywalker, who just happens to be black, beaten by cops in North Carolina. Those guys are going to be indicted -- unless the South is trying to rise again. 
  • There was a note from a Wise County jury to the court yesterday which, if what I heard is true, is amazing. I'll try to get a copy. 
  • Trump is going to meet with the North Korean leader? That will never happen. Flashback:
  • And this guy will die on Trump Cross:
  • Who would have thought something could go wrong?

  • The over/under line on the Texas Rangers for total season wins is 77.5. Take the under. #SportsGenius
  • Lawyer to client in the Wise County courthouse yesterday: "What I want to do is resolve this case today [by a plea bargain.]" Buddy, I know you are from out of town and hate driving up here, but what you want is irrelevant. 
  • I guess the nation is already tired about the gun control issue. We have the attention span of a toddler.
  • Rick Carlisle calling the new allegations against Mark Cuban "fake news" and a "proven non-event" are over the top and irresponsible. The only logical response is, "I don't know what is true." He would never say that -- that's why he needed to keep his mouth shut. 
  • Uh, oh. The Fort Worth judge story regarding his order to shock a defendant in court has been picked up by The Guardian with over 7 million Twitter followers.
  • Justin Northwest, which is going to the state basketball final, has a center who is 6'7" and 336 pound center who comes off the bench. He also has signed with Oklahoma as an offensive lineman in football. 


Anonymous said...

Did you really just make a Crucifixion joke????? MAN trying to challenge Joy Behar for the "Completely Lost Liberal of the Year" award huh?

Anonymous said...

Hey! I'M not freaking out about your surgery! If they can do it laparoscopically, you will hardly know you had surgery. If not, it'll be low and slow for you about a week, then you'll start feeling better afterwards. Just take it easy like the doctors say to do!

Your Courthouse/History Buddy

Ernest T said...

You are so delusional with your Anti-Trump fervor that you can't give him credit for anything. This is truly ground-breaking. You called Trump a warmonger when he was threatening North Korea. They have finally seen that we truly do have the capability to wipe North Korea off the map and are trying to work something out.

If this was Obama that this happened to, then you would have been praising him.

Anonymous said...

Land of the free but don’t walk across a road unless it’s it’s a spot that’s we’ve allowed you, even if you’ve looked both ways.

wordkyle said...

So the president who you were losing your mind about having the nuclear codes is meeting with the leader of the country that you were worried about us exchanging nukes with, to see if violence can be avoided. And you're criticizing the meeting.

When there's no course of action at all that pleases you, then you might want to reconsider your point of view.

Anonymous said...

Excerpts from "Russian Roulette: the Inside Story of Putin's War on America and the Election of Donald Trump" tells how Russia pinged Illinois voter data base 5 times per second foe 24 hours, assessing 200,000 in data base, Arizona voer registation was shut down a week when Russia hacked the username and password of election official. Sorry, Reverend Jeffries, Mueller's investigation into Russian interference in our elections is not insignificant! Had Russian been able to delete one out of every ten names on voter registration list in only a small number of voting precincts, the integrity of our elections and results would be questioned.

Paying a bribe to a porn star to keep her off Good Morning America one week before the presidential election is not insunifican, it may be an illegal campaign contribution. How many FBC Dallas would have stayed home election day if they knew?

How do Baptist vote for Trump to get a conservative Supreme court to make it illegal for a 14 year old to have an abortion, while giving an adulterous man a pass?

Jeffries thinks Trump is a strong leader and is so sure he will convince North Korea to give up all his nuclear weapons; is there a reason why he is the first president to meet face to face with the Little Rocket Man? Hopefully Trump will have his favorite snack "nutterbutters" and lots of diet cokes available in case he is in a bad mood and not trigger a contest on who has the biggest button!

Jeffries, Graham and Falwell, Jr. Better enjoy their brief earthly lust for power because they will answer to a higher power. Reminds me of the Pharisees.

Anonymous said...

The unholy Left wants us to be disarmed and defenseless against their murderous desires.

Anonymous said...

May be totally beside the point but the jay walker was disrespectful and didn't obey the orders of the policeman. I know some officers are horrible human beings but most are not. If everyone would just obey the officers, these things wouldn't happen. How would you like to have the job of enforcing the law these days. I don't know how they have anyone signing up for that underpaid, thankless job.

Triple Fake... said...

the jaywalking story:
if you can say "I can't breathe!", you can breathe.
They named a street Short Coxe?!

On an entirely different subject (Hey-O!), if somebody is going near your business/bikini zone with a scalpel - or anything, really - you should be freaking out!

If the note from the jury room was written by that woman in the painting, it probably said #metoo.
Or it's from her and those ten men around her, requesting that one guy "stay woke!"

Why Guy said...

Nice recovery on the RTG!!

Anonymous said...

You’re a fool Barry. You know it and you know that there is nothing that you can do about it.

Anonymous said...

Hope all goes well with the procedure!

Anonymous said...

RE North Carolina. The cop in question has already left the department- he will probably get charged. The rookie cop will probably get fired, charged if he was caught lying for his Training Officer. Much like the Rodney king case, a suspect being an idiot (in this case running and resisting) an obnoxious cop with heavy hands, and no one with the moral courage to stop him when he goes too far. To the rookie cop's defense- when it is your FTO, who holds your career in his hands, AND is supposed to be there to teach you how to handle things correctly, it's impossible to really go against him.

Anonymous said...

When the Justin basketball center sets post, he really sets post! What a big fella.

DF Ed "too tall" Jones

Anonymous said...

Shooting at a strip club? You are just not safe anywhere anymore.

DF Deacons Out for a Night of Fun

Anonymous said...

Barry, our thoughts are with you. Hope surgery goes well. Will Mrs LL be taking over the blogging duties? Will you have to wear a support garment while healing? Will you be limited on what items you can lift by weight after healing is completed? Can you cough and not pop a stitch? Will get back to you after think about more questions.

DF A Million and One Questions

Anonymous said...

Could we buy that shock device and have it installed on Trump?

DF Every Right Thinking American

Anonymous said...

Hey, I dropped my quarter down there and was just reaching for it. Honest mistake. Sorry.

DF Cark Muban

Anonymous said...

Bogus school shootings need to be investigated and revealed.

Anonymous said...

Very NICE RTG I’ll take the under on Rangers unless Hamels and Gallo have MVP type years it might not reach 72. And before Jeffers and the Wise County trumpets have an orgasmic fit all over themselves remember Clinton . Bush, and Obama all had some form of non nuclear agreement with one of the Kim gang that the North failed to follow through on. I dislike trump as much as the red necks on here hated Obama but unlike them I can put aside that hate and wish trump success and hope he achieves a LASTING peace there . The world and US will be better off.

Anonymous said...

What? No staged videos today that this blog and all its readers think to be a random happening?

Anonymous said...

9:33 Hates her father.

Anonymous said...

11:50 - Barry deserves an apathetic poorly trained surgeon and a dirty ill equipped socialist hospital.

Anonymous said...

Pathetic old man Barry is still like a child that has wondered into the room in the middle of a movie.