Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Wow. A visiting judge tells the Waco DA he should be "ashamed of himself" for using a Twin Peaks biker's photo in a political ad. And why would the DA even want to remind everyone of the biker cases which he is not competent to handle? 
  • Random Oscar's pic: Jodie Foster is 5'3". Jennifer Lawrence comes in at 5'9". I don't know the height of the heels.
  • Political junkies only: I had never heard of Sam Nunberg until yesterday but that was the most Wheels Off afternoon/evening  I've seen in a while. The former Trump aide decided to call every major media outlet. In interviews, he was accused of drinking in the afternoon by a CNN host, said he would (or maybe wouldn't) defy a Mueller subpoena ("screw that"), called Sarah Huckabee Sanders a "fat slob", and both berated and praised Trump.
  • The first round pick of the Washington Nationals, who was kicked off the University of Houston baseball team, was "sent home" from spring training. (Who could have predicted it?!)
  • It's election day.  Newspapers and TV stations are mourning due to to the loss of ad revenue. For the rest of us: Our long nightmare is over. 
  • I'd pay a lot to have an option on the ballot for the Paxton/Huffines race which simply said, "I want both of them to just go away." 
  • Man, Mrs. LL got upset while watching Waco.
  • Let's check in on Trump's mental health this morning: 

  • What did he say once? Oh, yeah: "And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything."
  • You know, sadly, I barely remember this incident from last Fall. (Side note: He used an AR-15):
  • Former Baylor and current Atlanta Falcons' kicker Matt Bryant  just received a three year deal for $10.5 million  So what, you ask? He entered the NFL in 2002. (An NFL year is like a dog year -- even for a kicker.) 
  • The High School Freshman in the House used the word "dystopian" in a sentence over the weekend.  
  • Williamson County, whose law enforcement at all levels has been a national embarrassment, continues its tradition. 
  • Sharon Stone turns 60 this week. 
  • Shout out to the Wise County media mogul for the hand delivery of "memories" yesterday of artifacts from the First National Bank of Bridgeport.