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What's The Point Of This?

And since I'm a softball genius (with one year of coaching experience which almost got me hired by Alabama), isn't she out of the batter's box?


Anonymous said...

How do you get anyone out when the base is 9 steps from home plate?

Triple Fake... said...

the batter's box isn't lined, but she was not out of it. Although lots of softball players, and some baseball players, will cheat up in the box trying to lay down a bunt or soft hit (Ichiro!)
The point is if it's legal and she can get the same results, why not?

side note peeve:
People, please stop using "yea" when you actually mean "yeah", unless you're quoting from the Bible or casting a verbal vote

Triple Fake Verily, verily, verily, verily
That makes me wanna scream!

Anonymous said...

Why not? Because showboat stunts like this are usually done against teams in a blowout, and it's a dick move.

But hey, maybe I'm just there to teach them how to win while being good sports, not raise a bunch of future crazy-ass softball parents.

Anyone does this on one of my teams, and they will sit out the rest of the game.

Anonymous said...

Some context would help. Is this is high-school district game? Or is it a church rec-league pickup game? Is it a game at all, or just a practice/scrimmage?

If it's a real game, it's awful. The player should sit, and the coach should be reprimanded if he/she encourages this kind of "sportsmanship."

But if it's just kids screwing around, then cool move.

Thus, the downside of the Internet. Post goes up with no context, and we all flip out.

Anonymous said...

It’s all about the deception, you lawyers know that.

DF Hidden Ball Guy

Anonymous said...

Dick move because you cant score without dick moves...

Anonymous said...

I concur.

DF Yea, Yea, Yea (spoken Biblically)

Anonymous said...

That move calls for a little chin music, next time she's up.

DF Nolan Ryan

Anonymous said...

Wow. These comments. And the post. So at what softball game have you ever seen batters and catchers wearing fast pitch protective gear and then have a pitch come floating in like a leaf at the batter's head level? While the catcher is clearly set up for a fast pitch? And how would the batter know that a soft floater was coming? This was a total set up, meant to get clicks and go "viral", and these kids know that there will be bloggers, and people who are gullible enough to actually think it's a "move" and requires "chin music" next time she's up. Unbelievable.