Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • As I predicted, since I'm a legal genius, the Farmers Branch cop was convicted.
  • But the Fox 4 legal consultant last night reminded me of a statute I've never seen invoked in Wise County and who most don't know about. You can use deadly force to protect property and prevent some seemingly minor crimes so long as it is in the "nighttime." It really is an insane law.
  • The homes are very nice, but the traffic on Bonds Ranch Road off 287 during rush hour is insane. There is no way I'd live there. 
  • I can't talk about the details because I'm sworn to secrecy, but I witnessed the greatest act of personal kindness yesterday. It made me cry. It made someone else cry. It would make any of you cry. 
  • We've got some hard hitting journalism in the metroplex: 
  • The very weird 2017 even impacts the Texas Rangers in winter. 
  • Having a new puppy in the house at Christmas might be the greatest thing any family can do. It's insanity. (All three Females In The House For Christmas took a vote to name her, were unanimous, and then looked at me if I would agree. Daddy didn't raise no fool. I agreed.)
  • If you haven't read the New York Times story on the UFO incident and viewed the video you might want to to. Ms. LL went to Roswell and saw the museum last summer, and I fear how much she will be locked into this. I don't know what to think.
  • There has never been a press secretary who has lied so much. That statement is ridiculous.
  • Fox News with some hard hitting news this morning about someone who is a private citizen:
  • I made Mrs. LL watch Smokey and the Bandit last weekend. Let me tell you something: It still holds up. She even laughed from time to time again.
  • Ever since he got fired from Fox News for shocking incidents of sexual harassment, he's been acting weird. And this is weird. Buddy, you are probably just getting fat. 
  • I saw some of the heaviest rain ever as I was driving down US 287 yesterday -- both morning and evening. And people were driving like fools and causing wrecks. Slow down. And if you have bald tires, spend your last dime to replace them. 
  • As I was researching something for a future trip last night, Mrs. LL walked by and said, "I love that you are such a nerd." I think that was a compliment. But it did cause me to do the cock your head to the side and look confused move. 
  • I wore jeans to the office this morning (not wearing my normal lawyer suit and tie), someone drove by and saw me walking to the office, and then called my Administrative Assistant within 30 minutes to ask what was going on. Small Town Texas.